Friday Link Pack

Pro domino artist Hevesh5 spent 25 hours over eight days building this Domino Masterpiece, her third largest solo project to date.

– Woah, this is a good vintage find: Linotron 505 for high-speed film typesetting (via Coudal)

– Teju Cole on How the Paradox of Photography Captures the Central Anxiety of Existence

How to Use iMessage (to Annoy the Hell Out of Your Friends)

– This is a beauty of swiveling towel/clothing holder which can hold up to 10kg.

– Amanda Palmer wrote a moving essay on Nick Cave. After the singer lost his child, he invited a film crew in and simply carried on working.

– Beautiful, super minimal barstools.

– It’s starting to be dark in the morning when I wake up, which makes it harder for me to get up early. Thinking about getting this sunrise-imitating-alarm-clock.

– Please do your best to avoid the huge moon balloon rolling through China

A Walking Guide to Public Art in Manhattan and Queens (animated backgrounds for iPhone with stories inside.

– A meticulously designed poster to sharpen your internal sense of scale. Use your body to measure things!

– An online collection of people’s personal anxieties: I still have anxiety about this.

– Interesting read: Why you should tell your children how much you make

The Power of 5

– In case you’re in the market for a USB battery pack. This post is helpful.

– Great read: Avoiding Organizational Debt

– In overvaluing confidence, we’ve forgotten the power of humility

– These are some impressive beards and moustaches.

– Aren’t we all dreaming of a custom, hand-made neon sign.

Which European Cities Have the Most Affordable Housing?

– “The Sandwich Club fosters an enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and forward-thinking sandwich culture by encouraging the discovery and consumption of delicious sandwiches and sandwich components, both in the United States and abroad.”

– Eric Lobdell, a swissmiss reader, emailed me to tell me that he made this typeface. Here’s the story. Yes to side projects!

– I am looking to hire a part-time in-house photographer for Tattly.

Put a Rhino on it.

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  1. this weeks links were amazing! Kudos!

  2. I use a similar alarm clock and it saves my buns in the winter. Would absolutely recommend.

  3. So intrigued by that sunlamp!

    Also – heads up that your link to hire an in-house photographer appears to go to the sweet rhino as well :)

  4. @Lorna, Thanks for pointing out the broken link! Fixed!