Friday Link Pack

Not entirely sure why but for some reason Dinner for One is something we watched every New Years Eve growing up in Switzerland.

– After years of intensive analysis, Google discovers the key to good teamwork is being nice. Doh!

Amazon and Goodwill team up to use empty shipping boxes! Smart!

One Shot is a new kind of online gallery. For each edition, they commission a world-class photographer to shoot a single roll of film and then sell prints of the exclusive shots. The twist is that each One Shot photo is printed in an edition of one and sold sight unseen—meaning that buyers won’t know what their 1/1 shots look like until after they’ve received them in the mail. LOVE THIS!

This world map reveals what each country does best. (via CreativeMornings Newsletter)

– Sleep right under the Northern Lights in this futuristic glass igloo.

– Oh, the possibilities: The first ever mass production kinetic display.

– Loving this Oak tray.

– Wow. This is a beautiful print wall calendar/planner.

– How did I not know about Honey?

Florist quietly adorns weathered public statues with elaborate flower bouquets. So good.

bionicTOYS are flexible building bricks for new LEGO® play

99 Reasons 2016 Was a Good Year

– MailChimp demystifies that ominous three letter word: SEO.

11 Netflix Picks You Can Watch With the Whole Family

Books on being better. I hope this site will keep growing.

– Presenting the most stunning space photos of 2016

– Any parent with a super picky eater will appreciate the adorable idea behind Milton.

– A Nobel prize-winning physicist identified three simple steps to mastering any subject

– What can you or I do about Trump? Here’s 5 things each of us should do this week.

– These simple tricks can help you avoid binge eating without relying on your willpower

– Oh, this Fibonacci clock is cool.

– We will CONQUER 2017. Won’t we?

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  1. QZ’s headline is actually super reductive re: Google. Worth reading the whole NY Times breakdown:

    It’s more than being “nice” — it’s about finding the courage to be vulnerable with one another.

  2. love that calender,

    going to order one right about now LOL

  3. ” What can you or I do about Trump? ”

    #6 Quit yer bitchin’ and get on with your real life. Otherwise the next 8-16-24 years are going to be really hard on you sensitive folks.

    #7 Quit taking your life lessons from a slobbering has-been lest you become a slobbering has-been.

  4. Haha, in Norway we watch “dinner for one” every december 23. Have no idea why :D

  5. Almost forgot about dinner for one. Making everyone watch it tomorrow for sure!

  6. My Swiss husband said the same thing. He has no idea why they watched “dinner for one” as well on New Year’s Eve. He’s happy you reminded him of this childhood tradition. Guets Neus!

  7. It’s still a thing every New Year’s Eve in Denmark, comes on just before midnight. I love watching it every year :)

  8. Dinner for one is definitely a thing in the Rhineland as well. I remember my host mother, when I was on a student exchange, regularly saying “same procedure as last year” as a prized English phrase. :)