Friday Link Pack

Puppies can fall asleep anywhere.

Will Smith on the Law of Attraction

– A DIY platform bed with a ton of storage space made out of IKEA cabinets.

– Tim Ferris’ shares a list of apps he uses regularly.

– Love what DesignSponge is doing by reaching out to stationery designers and shops to help people write their officials.

– Point your phone at Japanese text and get an instant translation

– I am in love with the art pieces on the walls in this home.

Bibliomania: the strange history of compulsive book buying

Apple Shaped Cushions. I dig it.

Hugs are the best. I wish I grew up with them. No hugging in Switzerland.

Cards Against Humanity is hiring a CEO! (Chicago)

– The call for excellent Swiss Design has begun: Design Prize Switzerland! Deadline is Feb 6.

– Watch Eero Saarinen: The Architect Who Saw the Future

The Stelton Chrome would look good in my house.

– Dreaming of one of these chunky knitted blankets in white.

NOPE Desk Plaque.

– Tattly is hiring a Custom Sales Representative. Join our team!

– This is a beautiful apron.

A Bad Lip Reading of Donald Trump’s Inauguration

Scientists are planning a march on Washington.

Cats don’t care.

More rainbows, please.

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  1. No hugs in Switzerland? My mother was British and didn’t hug either. I’m still uncomfortable with all the hugging that goes on now. I’d rather not be hugged by a stranger to whom I have just been introduced. It seems my mother taught me well!

  2. better to be hugged than mugged

    what a difference an H makes

  3. laughed out loud at the ‘no hugs in Switzerland’. It’s so true! And had me reeling after working in Neuchatel :(

    Hugs ARE the best!!!!