My Favorite Protest Sign

There were so (!) many good signs at the Women’s March yesterday, but this one, takes the cake. Way to go, little girl!

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  1. As a grandfather I just want to give her a hug and a fist bump to her father

  2. So sweet! Wishing you a great future little protester.

  3. So sweet!!

  4. Bringing an infant to a protest seems like a terrible idea. Sure, it panders pretty nicely and tugs on some heart strings, but would we all think it’s so cute and sweet had there been tear gas?

    As a parent, I question the logic behind this.

  5. Child abuse.

  6. Her remarks make as much sense as most of the ones I’ve seen from this vulgar display of nonsense.

  7. This is my FAVORITE protest sign from the Women’s March, too! It means so much. Do you know who took this picture? I would like to give them credit on my blog.
    And for the people commenting about the march…it was so very peaceful. I went to the one in Little Rock, and there was no hate and no violence. It was a very positive and uplifting event. I am sorry you missed it!

  8. The Women’s March was full of families, young and old. There was a feeling of warmth, inclusion and good will between all the participants. We would not have tolerated anything abusive or threatening. It was powerful, heartwarming and inspiring.