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I agree with Oliver Jeffers: “People of the USA, if you are concerned about the steps the new administration has already taken in the first few days of office (regarding climate change, women’s reproductive rights, LGBT rights, immigrant rights, civil rights, and the creation of ‘alternative facts’), then outline what matters to you in a postcard mailed to your senator. That is why they are there.”

Here’s instructions how to go about it.

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  1. Loooove how your blog has become political & activist. Coucou from coucouclockcountry. I’m with you. With you all. In heart and sprit and determination. Hug, Larissa

  2. THANK YOU! This is great! Sharing…

  3. I just printed mine out this morning–was looking back at the women’s march site for the next thing to do. How great to come across one thing I can do every ten days. Love it.

  4. Are you a citizen of the US, Tina?

  5. So….guess not?

  6. @Adamia, I am a legal alien of the U.S.

  7. to @Adamia from another legal alien in the US: human rights, freedom of speech, equality, diversity… these issues transcend citizenship. For those of us that consider the US one of our homes and live here, these issues matter as much as they do to anyone else.

  8. Just wanted to thank you for bringing my attention to this page! I signed up for the email updates and printed out my two postcards yesterday! Thanks so much Tina!

  9. So, not a citizen. Gotcha. You’re trying to use your platform to push agendas to change a country you’re not a citizen of.

    I find this rather stupid. If you want to be a part of the democratic process, become a legalized citizen. Otherwise, just stop. Your opinion, like ALL OF THOSE WHO DIDN’T VOTE, means nothing. You chose to remain silent then and I suggest you do the same now.

    While I applaud your enthusiasm towards these topics, at the end of the day, your input only gains you more attention and more sales from the legal citizens who live in this country and call it home.

    You’re on vacation from your home – Switzerland. You can leave ANYTIME you want and be welcomed with open arms in another country. But for all of us legal citizens of the US, we can’t. You’re choosing to interfere in the democratic process of another country, ala Russia.

    What if Republicans living in Switzerland as legal aliens were trying to push their agenda, using their semi-celebrity status to do so? Stop and think about what you’re doing before you do it.

  10. The election of Donald Trump, his behaviour, statements and the policies that he puts in place have enormous repercussions not just for US, but the entire world. As a Canadian/Swiss citizen of Switzerland I was happy to march along with many other women, men and children in Geneva, Switzerland last Saturday. I felt it was my duty to do so. When a man in a position of influence, power and fame denigrates a woman in one place, it can influence the way women are treated everywhere. Politically, DT’s statements and potential policies regarding NATO and his worrying relationship with Russia put democracy, peace and stability in Europe – particularly Eastern Europe, at great risk. We do not want nor need another war on this continent. Same in Asia…how DT deals with China has repercussions for all the people living in that region. For these reasons alone, foreigners, legal aliens, citizens, anyone and everyone has not only the right but also the responsibility to get out and make their concerns about this new president crystal clear. For decades the US has made the decision to involve itself in countries all around the globe for its own interests and profit and apparently also to promote democracy. Americans can not now say, ‘this is none of your business’, because America has made it our business. As citizens of the world, we are obliged to raise our concerns about anyone of any nationality who puts human rights and world peace at risk. I appreciate your postings, swissmiss, as I find them informative and inspiring. Please continue.

  11. Elena – marching IN YOUR OWN country and supporting it from a far is one thing. Using your power in this country to promote your own agenda like you’re taking part in our democracy is another.

    This isn’t me saying, “Let Trump be!” as much as I’m saying, “You’re promoting reaching out to congressmen like they’re yours – you aren’t a citizen and they don’t represent you.”

    March and join in the masses if you want. But the congressmen would hang up on her as soon as they asked what state she was a citizen of. If she wanted to take place in this conversation, she could have naturalized by proving she cares enough about this country to become a citizen. Instead, she didn’t and wants to continue to promote her agenda instead of sticking with graphic design.

    Until she becomes a citizen….her voice means NOTHING when it comes to US politics. Put up or shut up.

  12. Tina-
    I am a US citizen. I am not a cognitive miser. Thank you for your website’s efforts to cultivate a resource for ideas & opportunities to apply critical thinking.

  13. Please stick to design. Love your site, but this kinda shit will drive me away.

  14. ….and that’s the problem. Using a platform to further the divide when we already have a president who is doing this.

    As designers, we need to be empathetic to all Americans and not fuel the divide. We’re busy bitching at each other and complaining how no one is listening to our feelings. I’m just as guilty, but I refuse to ignore the issues Republicans have by trying to just throw them out of office.

    They’re humans, too. They’re opinions matter. Even if the facts aren’t true, simply dismissing their concerns will only further the problems our country is seeing.

  15. Design is not a neutral, value-free process. Design has a part to play in creating a visual culture that empowers and enlightens, that makes ideas and information accessible and memorable.

    Many designers may argue that their job is not politics, and they would be right. But this does not prevent us from developing ideas about cultural democracy. We cannot separate our work from the social context in which it is received and from the purpose it serves.

    If we care about the integrity of our design decisions, we should be concerned that the relations implicit in our communications extend active participation in our culture. There is a link between our choices as designers and the sort of culture we wish to contribute to.

  16. Oh my, every day we see here and elsewhere another futile gesture by those who are now utterly powerless. Don’t worry, we’ll make America better for you too.

  17. “Design has a part to play in creating a visual culture that empowers and enlightens, that makes ideas and information accessible and memorable.”

    And this blog is clearly only seeing one-side of the political coin. To discredit 50% of Americans is insulting and careless. But when you’re not a citizen, I guess that makes it ok?