What The Hell is a Men’s Group?

“A men’s group is a group of men that commit to getting together on a regular basis, usually weekly, bi-weekly, or even monthly. The general purpose of these meetings is simply to interact and communicate a level (or many levels) deeper than a normal social interaction.”

We all need a Men’s Group. Or two.

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  1. That’s like saying what the hell is a women’s group! Fact is ask any sociologist or mental health worker and they will tell you groups of this type are not only needed by both sexes but are healthy!

    May be time to get off the feminist soap box just saying

  2. Kevin, the headline of the post might imply I am not in favor of Men’s Groups. The opposite is the case. I am in FULL support of men’s groups or any kind of community. Hence me starting CreativeMornings. Also, that article was written by a man.

  3. Before damning her, read the article it links to (which actually has that headline itself and the author asks it as a question further on!) and Tina’s comment right underneath it: which very clearly says ‘we all need a men’s group. Or two’.

    The headline is obviously written in the tone of voice of the author, namely that he was trying to understand such a group and then goes on to understand how it helps. I’m in huge support of this too; anything that supports mental health and helps break down any old stigma around this is great. And that’s not a ‘feminist soap box’…