How do you draw a circle?

Analysis suggests that the way you draw a simple circle is linked to geography and cultural upbringing, deep-rooted in hundreds of years of written language, and significant in developmental psychology and trends in education today. Fascinating article!

(thanks Christine)

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  1. Don’t you think whether you go clockwise or counterclockwise might also have to do with whether you are right-handed or left-handed? I’m a lefty, so I go counter-clockwise.

  2. I agree Lisa. I draw circles counter clockwise and I am also left handed.

  3. I’m right handed and go counter clockwise.

  4. I’m right handed and I draw circle counter clockwise, start at the top. I agree with the article, it’s all about language and how the write their own language.
    Thank you for sharing the post!

  5. Great research. It is very interesting how it is linked to language. Very good post, congratulations!

  6. Definitely influenced by left-handedness too, as my art teacher did a little experiment in school when he noticed that I (the only leftie) drew side portraits the other way to everyone else without even thinking about it. I’ve noticed lefties who write in the more awkward ‘hooked hand’ way only drawing a circle accurately one way, but I don’t have that.
    Japanese language is obviously influenced by writing vertically, but also stroke order (how you write a kanji character) is considered very important – that’s the bit that a left hander like me finds a little more unusual as I don’t naturally approach the stroke directions in the way they do. All very fascinating :)