Yours Truly on the Clever Podcast

Jaime Derringer (of DesignMilk) and Amy Devers, the charming forces behind the Clever Podcast interviewed me a few weeks ago and the episode just went live. This is certainly the most vulnerable and personal interview I have ever given. Gulp.

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  1. Well done, well done. And a huge thank you…. lots to think about

  2. thanks for your honesty and passion in what you do!

  3. So much gratitude for sharing your inspiration, your honesty, and your authenticity! Your story is so real, and you have pushed me to go and do likewise, living my truth. You belong in this incredible cadre of strong, honest, real women on a par with people like Brene Brown. Mille grazie! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  4. You’re really inspiring. Appreciate your honesty, hard work, and giving-back attitude. Great podcast episode.

  5. A brilliant episode. Thanks for sharing, and keep doing what you do!