Patagonia! I can’t think of another company that impresses me as much with their bold, courageous actions than Patagonia does. I feel inspired by this most recent move, yet still hesitant to be as bold myself with my companies…

Patagonia, take action!

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  1. I’m so happy to see companies standing up like this. Have you followed Penzy’s Spices? They have been acting boldly since the election (and before). I’ve determined as much as possible to only buy spices from them.

    I often feel like I don’t know where to start/what to do/how my small voice can help, but knowing that I can spend a few dollars with a company that will magnify my impact makes me feel like I’m contributing to the resistance even when I don’t know how.

  2. Brilliant and about ten steps ahead of us. Let’s catch up.

  3. Yas! Have you listed to their episode on the podcast “How I Built This”? It made me love them even more.

  4. @Jolene – I went to the Penney’s site but did not see what you are referencing. I love their them already for their merch so would like to know their good works. Thx!