Friday Link Pack


How to Maintain Friendships

Very nice collection of tools to make sure your website is accessible. (via Chris)

An interview with Bjork on her process, inspiration, and collaboration (via)

Working with a designer (four paths)

How it became normal to ignore texts and emails (via Jocelyn)

These cookbooks covers are the worst.

– I agree with this: You are not your resume. You are the trail you’ve left behind, the people you’ve influenced, the work you’ve done.

– I want to experience the Rainbow Tunnel!

How to write a blog post. (Or simply, how to write!) (via)

– Mad respect to the “snowman-building-folks” in Tokyo

– Why life speeds up. (via Jocelyn)

Low Budget – High Spirit

VSCO Voices is a new grant program that supports creators who use art to empower marginalized communities in the United States. This is wonderful!

– Need some Children’s Book Inspiration? Here’s help.

It’s not just you.

– Jessica Hische has a new Skillshare class: Logotype Masterclass!

This home!

– My cat would not approve of this Kitty-Hoodie.

Stunning photographs from around the world.

– “empathic concern” versus “personal distress”

Postmortem Photography. Fascinating.

– I now totally want a Zig Zag cactus.

– Do you have a big-hearted, fun, kind friend who works in sales and might thrive in a company like Tattly? We are hiring a custom product sales coordinator! Share?

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  1. I read that Bjork interview after seeing the snippet you posted earlier in the week and it really was one of the best things I’ve ever read about collaboration both creative and personal. I don’t agree with every one of her musical decisions, but she’s always felt slightly ahead of where we are as a society.

    She was one of the first to call out a movie director and Hollywood for misogyny while also being humble enough to acknowledge that the reason she was able to is that movies are just a sideline for her and she doesn’t care if she’s blacklisted.

    Listen to Army of Me and the full video of Aly Raisman tearing into Larry Nassar and the entire Olympic Committee back to back and tell me they aren’t of a piece. Iceland is my backup plan if the US stays on it’s current course.