♥ / Conductor by Frere-Jones Type

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The latest release from Frere-Jones Type is Conductor, a commanding display family inspired by a range of historical references. Originally based on the delicate, blocky numerals from vintage Bulgarian lottery tickets, it also incorporates elements of vernacular shopfront lettering and mid-century type design. The result is a dual family: the strong and graceful roman, constructed on a grid of rectangles; and the swift and energetic italic, built around triangles.

Conductor offers four widths from Condensed to Wide, anticipating applications from editorial to branding and packaging. The family’s distinctive flavor relies on a seemingly self-contradictory approach: boxes and triangles made of curves, rigid frames that sway and lunge. Conductor is severe at a glance, but the details reveal dimensionality and depth.

See more of Conductor (with live testing!) and read Helen Rosner’s detailed backstory.

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