The Bosses We Remember

The bosses we remember:

1 provided safe space to grow
2 opened career doors
3 defended us when we needed it
4 recognized and rewarded us
5 developed us as leaders
6 inspired us to stretch higher
7 led by example
8 told us our worked mattered
9 forgave us when we made mistakes

(via Farbod Saraf)

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  1. God, if only this were true. Sadly, I remember the bosses who were the opposite of all this. And I work with one now.

  2. More like the great bosses.

  3. All of this. I wrote an email this week to the one leader who has been this for me. And the amazing thing about him is he could recognise the value in so many different people, from different disciplines (including design). He didn’t just value the mirror image of himself. That’s rare.