Friday Link Pack

Umberto Eco’s Antilibrary: Why Unread Books Are More Valuable to Our Lives than Read Ones

– Tara Brach has carried me through the last 3 years. So grateful for her wisdom. I needed to hear this talk/meditation on shifting from Human Doing to Human Being . (via Jocelyn’s Hurrly Slowly Podcast)

How To Win At Rock-Paper-Scissors

– I watched this multiple times.

The Making of a Manager: a Handbook for New Leaders

– My friend Bailey is featured in this article on Quitting Instagram: She’s one of the millions disillusioned with social media. But she also helped create it.

These apps help introduce kids to the all-important world of calm and mindfulness

– This is a beautiful watering can.

– That grating sound a chip reader makes to tell you to remove your credit card? It’s called “sonic trash“: a sound that’s unpleasant, distressing, and degrading to everyday experiences. And the cognitive and emotional effect is greater than you think.

The World’s Largest Collection of Tibetan Buddhist Literature Now Online

– Seth Godin launched a new book, titled “This is Marketing“. Ordered!

– “Reliving the events of 1998 was traumatic, yes—but also worth it, if it helps another young person avoid being “That Woman”-ed.” Monica Lewinsky is a brave soul. I have you haven’t seen her TED talk from, I highly recommend it.

– CreativeMornings is nurturing a rolodex of creative companies and a job board, helping you find your heart-forward creative collaborators. Our events open hearts, these tools open career doors. I am happy about this evolution.

– A big thank you to Ode to Things for sponsoring my blog and RSS Feed this week. Their website, the products their curate, are a visual feast.

Tattly Tins make dinner parties more fun. Also, perfectly fit in stockings.

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  1. a $210.00 watering can? try this instead|us|unbxdsuggestion|201811132211556208_1

  2. Enjoyed this link pack so much! Every single link is gold. Thanks!

  3. Liebe Tina

    Seit Jahren verfolge ich treu deinen Blog. Es ist als würde ich dich kennen. Ich fühle mit dir mit, wenn es dir nicht so gut geht, wenn das Leben dich fordert und ich freue mich mit und für dich, wenn es scheint. Vielleicht mag es daran liegen, dass ich auch aus der Ostschweiz stamme. Wahrscheinlicher ist es, dass du mich einfach mit deinem Sein tief berührst. Durch dich bin ich unter anderem auf Tara Brach gestossen. Einfach wunderbar. Und ich finde es so schön, wie offen du auch deine Verletzlichkeit zeigst und einfach bist.

    Von Herzen wünsche ich dir weiterhin viel Freude, bei allem, was du tust. Und ganz viel Licht und Liebe.


  4. Susana, your comment made my day. Thank you so much! Sending a hug!