♥ / Create Compelling Visuals with a Certificate in Infographics & Data Visualization

A big thank you to Parsons School of Design for sponsoring my blog and RSS feed this week.

Do your #NewYearNewMe goals include making a career shift, advancing in your current organization, or taking your design skills to the next level? Discover new professional paths this spring with Parsons at Open Campus, The New School’s destination for continuing and professional education. Parsons at Open Campus offers an array of art & design noncredit certificate programs, drawing upon the vast resources of the top-ranked Parsons School of Design.

This spring, bring your company’s data to life with an online certificate in Infographics & Data Visualization. With this program, you will:

Understand best practices for data visualization and information design.
Depict complex business insights and tell compelling stories visually using elements of graphic design, statistics, and computer science.
Learn under the guidance of our distinguished faculty, who are practitioners in the field.
Network with industry leaders and other creative peers.

Gain an advantage in fields driven by design, big data, and metrics. Get started now. >>

(Fun side story: When I was 20 it was my dream to move to NYC to attend Parsons, but my parents didn’t think it was the right thing to do at the time. So I went to art school in Switzerland. I moved to NYC a few years later and then eventually started teaching at Parsons. I came full circle! I am no longer teaching but have wonderful memories of that time!)

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