Ace of Cups | I Feel Good

From 1967 to 1972, the Ace of Cups were at the epicenter of the ‘60s cultural and social revolution, the first ever all female rock band. They shared stages with everyone from The Band to the Grateful Dead, and were chosen to open for Jimi Hendrix the week after his groundbreaking performance at The Monterey Pop Festival.

Despite eliciting music industry interest for their exceptional songs, sublime harmonies and exuberant live performances, the Ace of Cups never got the chance to make a record… until now.

Check out their music. Love these ladies so much.

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  1. Wow! They’re great! Just went over to Amazon to order their cd – thanks!

  2. I was walking around the Beat Musuem in San Francisco last fall and saw an interview being filmed. When I asked, they said it was for an Ace of Cups documentary! Hopefully it’s on the way soon :)

  3. This is the best!
    It made me smile and want to buy their record.
    The bravest women!!!

  4. Thanks a lot for the tip! I’ve just becam their 13th Deezer fan!