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I am currently in Switzerland with my kids and keep seeing these snorkeling masks everywhere. What an intriguing design! Are they fun to use? Comfortable? Anyone tried one of these?


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  1. Yep, my kids use these (we live in Spain). They are sold at Decathlon, Europe’s N1 sports retailer, and are very popular. They are comfortable and fun to use buut they are super heavy so not the best option if, like us, you fly a lot during the summer. Fortunately they are cheap, so they have them at both grandparents homes.

  2. Bought one at Decathlon a few years ago on sale and I use it quite often. They’re great, quite well designed. Just make sure you get a good fit.

  3. We got a couple for Hawaii and nobody like them… the idea is great, the ergonomics and weight once in the water not so much.

  4. We use them and the kids love them. / Ida from sweden

  5. Used that style in Hawaii. Comfortable and easy, but limiting. Not as much airflow as a traditional snorkel, which limits how intensely you can swim. However, it’s pretty awesome for floating. It self purges really well, as long as you stay in floating position. If you want to dive down for a closer look at something you’ll be limited to shallow painful dives. I ended up upgrading to a quality freediving kit.

  6. Don’t use them. People and test have confirmed the Carbon Dioxide build up can lead to passing out and drowning in the water. It’s not safe for kids or adults. Go with a traditional mask and snorkel.

  7. I was just in Hawaii and saw these on a few kids, and they do look like they’re a much more user-friendly design. However we took a catamaran trip with a reputable company that explicitly banned these full-face masks due to increased drowning risk, and made a big deal of explaining that they were not safe for kids. My guess is that if you aren’t able to use a traditional snorkel mask due to fear/discomfort in the water, you may not be a good fit for snorkeling right now.

  8. I am a scuba instructor in key largo, and as mentioned before these masks are dangerous and have been banned in a lot of places in the keys.

  9. I am a diver and I have had considerable experience snorkeling. I have tried a few full face masks. Though well designed full masks allow one to breath through your mouth and nose, they are not great for the uninitiated. Optimal air flow is dependent on fit and design.

    The respirator in a full face snorkel mask is a one way valve similar to those used in oxygen masks used by health care professionals. The problem with the full face snorkeling masks is the valve must be in a position to allow the free flow of gases. Determining the proper fit can take time and practice.

    I use a mask designed by Wildhorn with a large air chamber and 4 respiratory valves. That said, I always keep my traditional dry snorkel and mask with me. I suggest you teach your kids to snorkel with traditional equipment. The full face masks will certainly improve in time.

  10. Google full face mask deaths. Lots of issues with these full face masks. Would not use them and certainly not allow my children use them.

  11. They are easy and fun to use but dangerous for longer periods. You are rebreathing your own exhaled air. This can cause drowsiness and loss of conscience, leading to drowning. There have been many fatalities as a result. Certain popular beach areas are working on banning them altogether. Just be careful and introduce fresh air often.

  12. No science supports claims of deaths due to full face masks. Reports in the lay literature (Newsweek, Time, newspapers) suggest a possible association but no causality. Deaths have been reported in Hawaii. Ten snorkeling deaths have ocurred this year as compared to 17 snorkeling deaths in the previous year. Of the 10 reported this year, only 4 have been associated with full face snorkel masks. Medical examiners in Hawaii are investigating the issue. Inexperience, physical conditioning, and poor judgement may have been causes of death that might have occured if tradition masks and snorkels were used. Non-equipment related factors likely had a greater impact on the affected individuals than the full face mask.

    It is important to understand one’side quipment and one’s capability before using a “new toy” in open water.

  13. Do not use these they cause a buildup of carbon dioxide in the chamber and can lead to shallow water blackout. Research it. Do not use the under any circumstances.

  14. I have facial hair, so the seal between your mouth and eyes was loose. When I would exhale the air would ticket my eyes, and fog up the inside of the mask.

    Comfortable and great view lines if you’re clean shaven.

  15. No, the glass fogs very quickly. Also diving center do not recommend these at all.

  16. I use mine on dry land as a non-fogging, protective full face shield for weed whacking with a string trimmer. Better than safety goggles, this ballistic strength mask enables gardening with serious power tools!

  17. Don’t listen to all the scaredycats. No evidence of these causing any deaths.

    These are fab is used as they are supposed to be.

    Don’t use for extended periods etc etc…

  18. We tried them in Bora Bora and I love the design but they were not comfortable at all.

  19. How about you read the reviews of actual users of that specific Decathlon model…

  20. Fred is a fucking moron. Please don’t use them for the safety of your children.