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Daisy the Great – “I’m Fine”

– Excited to be featured in Creative Spaces, a new book by my friends at Poketo. The book explores the lives, homes and studios of 20+ creative entrepreneurs, authors, musicians, chefs, artists and designers through a tour of their creative interiors.

– This minimal scent diffuser by Skandinavisk is beautiful!

– This article! ‘I Hate Dating Apps So Much!

– Gah! A collection of stunning, modern resort houses in Poland.

Athleisure, barre and kale: the tyranny of the ideal woman

– “Aristotle talks of our passions as being like a horse which has a life of its own. We are riders who have to take into account the life if the horse on order to guide it where we want it to go. We are not called to suppress our passions or compulsions, nor to confront them head on, nor to be governed by them, but to orientate them in the direction we want to go.” Jean Vanier, Becoming Human

10 simple steps to enjoy daily life. YES! (via)

The Technology of Kindness

– My thinking partner and teacher Robin Rice is starting a new program on September 9th that I would totally sign up for if I wasn’t already engaged in her Rainmaker program. She is wonderful, helping me navigate all of life’s challenges and most of all, teaches me to trust my own judgement and intuition so I can handle any storm on my own, once our engagement is over. (Robin’s Earlybird special ended on August 15th, but mention Swissmiss when you apply and she’ll honor it through September 1st. It’s a whopping $1,000 discount.)

A Beagle shaped house. Of course.

– Do you have a personal ritual? (Yes, sitting on the couch with my coffee, every morning, checking in with myself, then meditating.)

The unconventional, new-age ways people are getting buried. WTF! Scattering ashes at Disney World? What?! (via)

Leadership: You can’t make people change. But you can create an environment where they choose to.

Barack Obama’s Summer 2019 Reading List

This book! OMG!

– Have you ever wondered what Peppa Pig looks like from the front?

A Google Doc with lots of gems if you’re in a first-time sales role (or have to do sales as a startup founder)

– A CreativeGuild company profile allows you to post unlimited jobs on the global CreativeMornings job board.

Bumble bee Tattly.

– A big thank you to Parsons at Open Campus for sponsoring my blog this week.

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  1. Polish holiday houses! Yay!