♥ / Make It Remote: A Survival Guide for the Future of Work

A big thank you to Make it Remote for sponsoring my blog and RSS feed this week.

So you’re stuck working from home, and aren’t sure how to stay productive… You’re in luck: This is the toolkit for you. Make It Remote is written based on over a decade of experience managing remote teams. Download today!

Inside, you’ll find resources for both business leaders and team members, including:

– A comprehensive road map for implementing a remote working approach in your business.
– A step-by-step guide to creating your own remote work policy.
– Suggested tools and resources for working remotely.
– Tips and tricks for time management, remote meeting facilitation, and more!

Even better? For every download we get between now and April 5th, we’ll donate a meal to someone in need (up to 10,000 meals in total!). ALSO (!) if you do choose to donate when you download, we’ll share 50% of the proceeds with food banks and organizations focused on water, sanitation, and hygiene.

Finally, we also have a special edition for teachers and students! If that is you, check out the toolkit here.