Accepting Love

“I have a theory—based on my experience interviewing thousands of people—that we humans are able to achieve wholeness and well-being in direct proportion to how we receive love. Not how the love is given, but how we are able to process and accept it.”

“I believe love when it comes in. It’s one of the most profound revelations I’ve ever heard. Love is all around, showing up in small offerings and dramatic encounters and everyday gestures. But we can’t receive it if we’re fixated on finding it in a package called “parent” or “husband” or “lover”—whatever label fits the story you’ve told yourself.”

How Oprah Taught Her Daughters From South Africa to Accept Love

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  1. I once saw a documentary about Jennifer Lash. Ralph Fiennes mother. She had amazing belief in the power of love. She and her husband adopted a boy who was considered not very bright. The power of love seems to have transformed his life. He is now an archaeologist.