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[Whispers] It’s been a moment since my last Link Pack. I know. Life has been a bit turbulent. I have been feeling a bit wobbly and didn’t have the brain space to tend to this garden as much as I would like. If you missed the Link Packs, thank you for caring. I appreciate you.

– I love the internet: This to that offers glue advice.

This man is winning at life.

– This is delightful: Illustrations Transform Landscape Photos Into a Charming Cast of Characters

This made me laugh.

The physical therapy metaphor

– Some solid advice in this thread.

– Welcome to the museum of endangered sounds.

– What does the future sound like? In the early 20th century, one answer rang out from Luigi Russolo’s intonarumori — lever-operated machines designed to pop, sough, shriek, and shock.

Stop Trying to Be Nice All the Time, by School of Life

– I find moles quite endearing: Uncovering the Secrets of Mole Motion

– I am LOVING my copy of Why Design Matters by Debbie Millman. Have you seen the book yet?

30 Affirmations (Free Phone Wallpapers)

Mood Meter can help you answer the question How Are You Feeling.

– My friend Barbara made this Rosemary Shortbead recipe and it was beyond delicious.

– My friend has these linen sheets by Quince on her bed and they are beautiful and feel super soft. On my wishlist.

Stray Dog Classics in Brooklyn sells vintage, meticulously restored Range Rovers from Spain. Drool.

– Always giggling at the fact that a lot of stores wouldn’t carry our original Tattly Mermaid because, you know, boobies. So we asked Jessi Preston to make one with a bikini top. Here you go.

– These jobs that caught my eye on the CreativeMornings Job Board: Esalen in Big Sur CA is hiring a night gate ward, a dishwasher, risk manager, director of advancement and a director of fundraising.

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  1. I did miss them and am glad you are back!

  2. Sending virtual hugs! Been subscribed to your rss feed since two thousand and mrphrmrmph…thank you for your time and sharing your thoughts for all these years. You are appreciated!

  3. Tina you were missed! You have strangers (site visitors) who hold space for you even when it’s been a while. Sending virtual encouragement and care.

  4. Hey Tina. Your energy is infectious, and you always inspire me by your prodigious output. your honesty is equally inspiring, and a timely reminder we all get the creative wobbles at time . Yes have missed the link packs , but rather hear you are repacking your health !

  5. Hope you are feeling more sturdy. Miss you- love you

  6. Hope you are feeling more sturdy. Miss you- love your site always

  7. Absolutely missed this, I check weekly. Thank you!

  8. Yes! I love your link packs! I gather they are time consuming to produce so thank you!

  9. Great to see you here again. Take care of yourself.

  10. Oh dear Tina ! I am so grateful for what you offer us !! Thank you to still be there, however you manage.

  11. I ridiculously check your site two or three times a day because I know whatever you post will bring me joy and, dare I say, solace (I have a small handful of places on the internet I religiously visit).Don’t worry about taking time off, for it would take me several months to break the habit of Swiss Miss. Please take care of yourself and your family.

  12. These links have a ton of value. I like the third one. I am big in design myself and love to see and experience the best in design.

  13. I missed them and I understood. Thank you for these!

  14. Thank you all for your kind words. What a lovely group of humans.

  15. I know everyone who comes here wishes for you to take care of yourself first — thank you for everything you do!

  16. i’ve missed your link packs but that’s ok. take your time.

  17. I appreciate you and your perspective. Glad you are here now.