Everymomentnow: A visualization on news on Obama and news on McCain.

Mycrocosm from M.I.T. Media Lab


Mycrocosmos, a web service that allows you to share snippets of information from the minutiae of daily life in the form of simple statistical graphs.

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giant plane comparisons


Giant Plane Comparisons

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Brooklyn = Nevada


The Boroughs of New York City and their closest State population analogues 2006 Population Estimates, US Census Bureau

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2008 US Movie Box Office


2008 US Movie Box Office Visualized by Zach Beane

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Beijing Olympics Pictograms


Pictograms being used for the events at the Beijing Olympics. Above is a variant the NY Times used in their Olympics section the other day.

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Scale Comparison of USA and Europ


Scale Comparison of USA and Europe

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largest ancestry: 2000


Largest Ancestry: 2000

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barcode plantage


Barcode Plantage transforms a simple product bar code into a unique tree in the garden of globalisation.

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How Obama Reinvented Campaign Finance


How Obama Reinvented Campaign Finance, an infographic by XPLANE.

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History Flow – Visualizing the Editing History of Wikipedia


History Flow is a tool for visualizing dynamic, evolving documents and the interactions of multiple collaborating authors. In its current implementation, history flow is being used to visualize the evolutionary history of wiki* pages on Wikipedia.

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who reblogged who?


I wish there was a ‘who reblogged who?’ visualization tool, kind of a “Visual Thesaurus” of reblogging.

information graphics by catalog tree


Beautiful Information Graphics by Holland based Catalog Tree

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bestiario.org almost made my head explode…


bestiario.org almost made my head explode, but in a good way. Check it out. (Oh, and check this, if you are stuck in the office but are dreaming of being poolside.)

telling stories with type: “For all seasons”


For Seasons is a poetic, typographic experiment about memories. This just totally made my day! Download “For All Seasons“!

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Remembering How Many Cups in a Gallon


Memory Tricks: Remembering How Many Cups in a Gallon. It’s like “the woman who swallowed a fly” for cups and quarts!

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Mapping the Human ‘Diseasome’


Researchers created a map linking different diseases, represented by circles, to the genes they have in common, represented by squares. Related Article: Redefining Disease, Genes and All.

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TODAY: visualized personal mobile communication


TODAY is a piece of generative design for mobile phones. It’s an application that visualizes personal mobile communication. It sits on the periphery of the machine, monitoring our connectivity through the number and type of calls we receive, subtly displaying them back to us, in the form of a generative graphic. Here, the visual result is a figurative and seemingly abstract picture – the story of your day. Some days will be really colourful and wired, others quieter and more reflective, either way the resulting visuals will always be personal, unrepeatable and unique.


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Destroyer’s Rubies


Destroyer’s Rubies, A modern listener’s guide, by Jez Burrows

tag galaxy


Tag Galaxy

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The Extinction Timeline


The Extinction Timeline from 1950 to around 2050. Blogging will be extinct in 2025?

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typeSQL – typeface connection visualization


TypeSQL – typeface connection visualization tool by So, Won-young

Information Design Patterns


Information Design Patterns: An online resource accompanying a Master’s thesis on design patterns, by Christian Behrens. (took forever to load…)

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Hard Times


Nicholas Felton collaborated with author Matt Mason for Penguin Books. The result is what seems a lovely book called Hard Times.