Stainless Steel Camping Tray

I find this Stainless Steel Camping Tray quite beautiful. Wouldn’t mind using it at home.

Curved Bench

This curved bench by Kristina Dam makes me swoon. Also comes in a smaller side table format.

Incense Holder

This is a refreshing design of an incense holder.

Only Love Banner

Yes to this message. Only love. Banner by Rayo and Honey.

(I asked what small shops/makers I should support. This was one of the suggestions.)


Traditionally seen decorating colourful trucks in Northern India and Rajasthan, these black, tassel, pom-poms, hang from truck mirrors and are believed to protect the drivers from the evil-eye and ward of bad luck while on the road. I want them for my home, on doorknobs, mirrors, over the door.

(I asked on Instagram what small shops I should support. This was one of the suggestions, by Anna Dorfman)

Dome Bookends

Yes please.

Kristina Dam Studio Planters

These planters make my heart sing.

Olivetti Valentine

I have a soft spot for old typewriters. Look at this beauty. There’s a plethora of other models here. Jessica Hische said she had a good experience buying from this Etsy Seller. Good to know.

Enylee Parker

This lamp sculpture by Enylee Parker makes me swoon.

Spoko Meditation Stool

I recently bought this Meditation Stool by Spoko which allows me to meditate on the floor now, and no longer on my couch or on a chair. I am tall and inflexible and I am super uncomfortable sitting on the floor when meditating. This stool is not only comfortable but also beautiful. Super happy about this purchase.

Touchy Feely Pillow

This pillow makes me swoon. Here’s a whole bunch on a sofa. FUN!

Reluctant Clayman Sculpture

This vase made me giggle.


I would love to give this classic canvas camp cot a home. What a beauty!

Incense Self-Storage & Burner

This Incense Self-Storage & Burner is smartly designed. Useful and elegant.

Painted Stripe Rug

I dig this bold rug by Rifle Paper Co.

Orb Watering Can

I would give this watering can a home.

The Utility Step Stool

This utility stool won my heart. Also comes in a taller size.

Connection Bowl

This 3D Printed Steel Bowl is beautiful.

Wave Trivet

Can you fall in love with a trivet? I just did.

Pillar Vase

Yes to this aesthetic. So much YES!

Wooden Dowel Plant Holders

I absolutely love these Wooden Dowel Plant Holders. Mandi generously explains you can make your own, over on her blog, Vintage Revivals.

Modern Propagation Planter

How amazing is this Plant Propagation Wall? Gah!

Modern Soft Magnetic Letters

I bought some soft magnetic letters for our office door and the fun we’re having! So simple! So fun! Best business expense besides our bubble machine, confetti drawer and swing.

Bedroom Plant Goals

Plant goals! Who wouldn’t want to sleep under a canopy of plants?