Oak Tray

Adding these Oak Trays to my wishlist. Pronto!

Jewelry Tray

I love the simple design of this jewelry tray. Each item gets their own ‘compartment’. Beautiful.

Banana Pillow

Every pillow should come in the shape of a banana.

Tea Towels

These are some beautiful tea towels. Wishlisted!

This Wool Blanket

Love the look of this Wool Blanket.

“Tourist” Quilt

This two sided Tourist Quilt is beautiful.

The Solid Brass Tinder Box

This Brass Tinder Box is a beauty. Wouldn’t mind using it for my jewelry.

Humidifier Factory

Fill the Humidifier Factory with water. Place on heater. Cute.

You Are Magic

You are magic trinket tray. Lovely.

Two-Tone Woven Basket

Oh, these two-tone woven baskets are mighty pretty. They would look good in my home.

(Did you know that blogging about products 9 times out of 10 prevents me from buying them! I feel like I own them a little.)

Emergency Wine Bottle Shelf

I want one of these and make it my emergency-instant-dinner-party-wine-bottle-shelf.

Chisos Quilt

This Quilt! Be still my heart!

(via Joanna)

Tower Notes

These Tower Notes would look good on my desk.


This Butter dish, designed by Kristina Filler, made me laugh: Buttah!

Howly Cat Bed

How beautiful is this cat bed called Howly by Tuft and Paw? Stunning!

“Midnight Dinner” Quilt

A beauty: “Midnight Dinner” Quilt

Solid Wool

Last week, at the Do Lectures I got to touch a material that I thought for sure was fibreglass, but no, it was wool, Solid Wool to be concise. I had to ask about three times if I heard correctly. Wool? As in W-O-O-L?

Solid Wool is a beautiful, strong and unique composite material. Think fibreglass, but with wool. Mind blown! So much mad respect to the founders!

Black and White Outdoor Rug

Oh, I love this stripe-y outdoor rug.

Planet Coasters

I would enjoy using this Planet Coaster Set.

Container Unit VO

This airline container would make a cool nightstand.

Papa Felt Trivet

This Felt Trivet is a thing of beauty.

Books capes

Functional sculptures to display your favorite books. Love.

Ito Bindery Memo Blocks

I would allow these minimal memo blocks on my desk.

Rattan Table Mat

There is something intriguingly beautiful about this simple Moe Watanabe Rattan Table Mat.