Lands Rug

Be still my heart! This Rug!

Monstera Leaf Area Rug

This Monstera Leaf Area Rug would look good in my bedroom.


I have a super minimal bed and this bedshelfie would look fabulous on it.

Deuce Pitcher/Watering Can

This pitcher / watering can is a beauty.

Concrete Bowl

This Concrete Bowl won my heart. (I am feeling a slight obsession for all things concrete coming on.)

Stack Trays

These stacked trays are beautiful.

Vintage Film Posters

I just got completely lost in the archives of Posteritati, a New York movie poster gallery that also has an online store featuring more than 40,000 posters. Nice find, Jason!

Desktop Letter Board

Love this playful desktop letter board. Oh, the possibilities.

Zjup Shoe Rack

This unusual, wall-mounted shoe rack made me look.

Minimalist Scandinavian Wall Clock

This minimal wall clock gets my thumbs up.

Swiss Army Stacking Boxes

Oh, I love the look of these Swiss Army Stacking Boxes.

Uma Basket

Found this seagrass basket at the new Century 21 here in Downtown Brooklyn last week. It now holds all of the kids’ stoop toys. Pretty and affordable.

This Planter!

This planter design by Chen Chen & Kai Williams is brilliant AND beautiful as they have their own saucers integrated into the design! YES!

Float Utensil Holder

Float is a multi-functional kitchen utensil holder that can be mounted underneath your cabinet or on the wall, accepting a wide range of kitchen tools for easy accessibility.

Bog Rug

YES to this simple, strip-y hallway rug.


A beautiful minimal tray by LIXHT.

A Creative Wall Thanks to Sugru

Sugru is one of the most magical materials I have ever come across. Think of it as Play-doh and Superglue having a baby. And I love how they keep sharing ideas on how to use it in your home. It’s my go-to way to fix my iPhone cables.

Also, I highly recommend the Sugru founder’s 99u talk, if you haven’t seen it!

Spout Pitcher

Stoneware Spout Pitcher. Lovely.

Canot Cutting Board

A beautiful cutting board. But I was mostly fascinated by the oddly arranged carrots. So good.

The Big Bucket Bag

I like this Big Bucket Bag by Best Made Co. Would make for a nice hamper, no?

Wooden Bowl

This minimal wooden bowl won my heart.

Heart Coaster and Trivet

Heart coaster and trivet. Lovely.

White Polka Dot Bedding

Two thumbs up on this minimal, white polka dot bedding.

Two-Tone Balloons

Loving these simple two tone balloons.