Eye Poster

Eye-catching poster by German artist and graphic designer Marta Fromm.

One Word Resolutions

These one word resolution prompts seem like an interesting way to help form new habits. Could be used as a playful tool in an office environment.


I’ve had a pretty remarkable a few days in Los Angeles this past weekend and felt like I got to see a glimpse of the magic that’s inside of me, coming into my true power. I had to chuckle when I found this banner just now. They got it from a Frances Hodgson Burnett quote:

“No one smiled. They were all too much in earnest. Colin’s face was not even crossed by a shadow. He was thinking only of the Magic.

‘Then I will chant,’ he said. And he began, looking like a strange boy spirit. ‘The sun is shining – the sun is shining. That is the Magic. The flowers are growing – the roots are stirring. That is the Magic. Being alive is the Magic – being strong is the Magic. The Magic is in me – the Magic is in me. It is in me – it is in me. It’s in every one of us.’…”

Modern Wood Trivet

This wood trivet is so beautiful, I’d hang it on my walls.

Modern Poster

I noticed this stunning poster at my neighbor Chesley’s home. 8 is my favorite number. Now trying to find the right place for it on my walls…

Rainbow On Your Wall

This Rainbow Neon Wall Sign is fun.

You Got Soul

I know you got soul.

Hazy Sun Print

This simple gradient print made me look.

(You can find a LOT of interesting prints and art in my “decorate your walls” section?)

Be Nice To People

Anthony Burrill’s Work Hard & Be Nice To People poster is now available in black and white. YES!

2018 Year Planner

This Year Planner is GREAT. (Currently sold out though.)

Hygge and West Wallpaper

This wallpaper bathroom detail caught my eye in this lovely house tour on Brownstoner. Turns out it’s designed by Julia Rothman, one of our most iconic Tattly collaborators. The best part, the wallpaper is removable.

Line and Form No.2

A beautifully, minimal print.

Brain Game Print

Illustration by Nick Lu, you can buy it as a framed print here.


Love this print. Tomorrow, by by Anthony Burrill.

Give The Joy Back

I am feeling this sentiment.

Leaf Print

I’d hang this Floating Leaf Print on my living room walls.


This Feelings banner would look good in my living room.

It’s Ok To Feel Things

I agree with this message.

Don’t Just Stand There

Timely letterpress printed message by Paper Jam Press.

Start With Yes

Start with yes!


So many feelings.

Low Budget…

This poster sums up my approach to starting companies.

Good Vibes hooks

These hooks come with good vibes. Made me smile.

Manual Collection

Agata Bieleń’s Manual Collection made me look.