BigBelly Trash Compactors

Big Belly Trash Compactors could make a huge impact in today’s garbage and recycling in big cities, like New York. The coolest part: It has a wireless notification system that will tell a control center when it needs to be picked up. Geeky stuff. Love it!

Buy a t-shirt and plant 20 trees

holiday matinee artist series tshirt

Does your t-shirt lower your carbon footprint and improve air quality and reduce your utility bill? This t-shirt does. This shirt is part of the Holiday Matinee Artist Series, which means they donate 100% of proceeds from every t-shirt sold to Plant-It 2020. That means every time you buy a shirt you plant, maintain, and protect twenty trees. It’s that simple, plus all shirts are tag-free and 100% organic. How’s that for a designy do-good-feel-good gift?

About the artist: Nikki Farquharson is a left-handed designer living in London, England. She’s obsessed with letters, lines, patterns, shapes and colors. For this project, Nikki wrote a poem where every word ends in the same sound of Holiday Matinee.

Your old phone can do good

Hope Phones

Hope Phones takes recycled phones and puts them to work on the front lines of global health. Donate yours to a medical clinic in a developing country today. If you’re in NYC, come and drop by your old phone at my studio as I ordered the shipping material for up to 50 phones. Or, get your own collection materials to start a collection campaign!