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– Nicholas Felton’s Reporter app launched today. If you’re into data, personal data, this is for you. I want to download it just for the App icon alone. A beauty.

True facts that sound false

Sammy Screamer is a cute little movement sensor that’s controlled by your smartphone. Protect that cookie jar! :)

– Who says archival boxes have to look boring?

– I want one of these with my age. Why stop at 6?

How Brooklyn Neighborhoods Got Their Names

How do trees survive winter? This episode of Minute Earth explains.

– ‘Secret’ is a stream of anonymous posts. Wow. (via)

– Long Read: How the Brain Creates Personality: A New Theory (via)

– New York is about success. Maybe that’s why it’s no longer the world’s cultural capital. MOBY on why he left NYC.

– Radiolab’s Jad Abumrad on Storytelling with Sound. If you don’t listen to Radiolab yet, go here.

– This Tattly Hack made me smile.

– Pay It Forward: Why Generosity Is The Key To Success, by Sean Blanda

– These photos took my breath away: Portraits of the world’s remotest tribes

– Here’s your chance to join Team Tattly and become friends with Sheila the Dog. We are hiring a Head of Wholesale.

Shape Boards

Shape BoardsShapboards

Shape Boards by Brooklyn based Bower are equal parts cutting boards and art. The blank side is a cutting board surface, and the painted side is decorative, painted to give the illusion of a 3D geometric shape. They can either hang on your wall of rest on it’s edge. They’re available in different shapes, sizes and types of wood.

Shape Boards are most definitely my favorite find of walking the NYNOW Gift Show yesterday, currently happening in NYC.

Friday Link Pack

– Did you know Your iPhone Has a Secret Undo Button?

– The .GIFYS are the first ever awards honoring the animated GIF as a medium, social commentary and art form.

– Wow, Swiggle looks interesting.

The Public Speaker’s Master Toolkit

– Why Aren’t App Designers as Famous as Chefs? (via)

– How the experts use salt in their cooking – and why

Daytona Beach in the 1950s. Time-travel please.

– Useful via)

– I could spend hours (!) on the Library of Congress Flickr Account.

– Mario Wienerroither takes music videos, strips out all the sound, and then foleys back in sound effects based on what people are doing in the video.: Musicless music videos.

Facebook Paper. Looks beautiful.

Doorman, a service that collects packages of all kinds and delivers them to you on demand.

– Woah. TED 2014 speaker list. (via)

– 4 million songs on Spotify have never been played. Not even once. is changing that.

LEGO Ghostbusters!

– Have you tried the Waterlogue App yet?

– 7 to-die-for Super Bowl dip recipes for the win. (via)

Little Love Notes, just in time for Valentines.

– Squarespace is looking to hire a Production Designer.

Friday Link Pack

In 1983, after years of deteriorating vision, the writer and theologian John Hull lost the last traces of light sensation. For the next three years, he kept a diary on audiocassette of his interior world of blindness. This film is a dramatization that uses his original recordings.

– “You’re only as good as your last job. That’s what keeps you functioning. It keeps you current.” Great Free Radicals interview over on PSFK with Paula Scher.

– This completely modular, minimal shelving system makes my heart go pitter patter.

A logo should tell a story.

– “Brooklyn is as different from New York as day is from night. It thinks differently, lives differently, acts differently.” A 1920s Tourist Guide To Brooklyn (via)

– Did you know you can get your kid’s drawings 3D printed? Supercool!

Wear your font favorites

@HistoryInPics is a genuine phenomenon built entirely on Twitter, by two teenagers.Read their story.

– Trying to get my Kale on. Hoping these 11 recipes will help. (via)

– The recent redesign makes me all kinds of happy. This articles lets you see Under The Hood Of The New

– The Best Way to Quickly Bring Cold Cheese to Room Temperature. (via Joanna)

– My studiomate Frank Chimero started a 2014 rdio playlist.

These images are a great reminder on what a feat it was to build these majestic NYC bridges.

– “When you update your investors, be honest, tell the whole truth, and give context. Your investors want you to succeed and they understand that virtually all mis-steps can be fixed.” Only Good News … Is Actually Bad News, by Craig Shapiro

– Recently dug out this gem from my library: Will Happiness Find Me?

30 years! 30! Congratulations Apple! I so vividly remember when my dad brought our first Apple home! He loved it so much, it made him drop his real estate career and start the first Apple Computer School in Switzerland. Seriously.

Notabli is a simple way to save all of the photos, video, quotes, audio and notes you take of your kids, and privately share them with the people who matter most.

– Everyone knows how to “Google,” but not everyone Googles efficiently.

– Valentines is just around the corner. Tattly got you covered.

– Live in Berlin? You might enjoy Companion.

– Hey California! Duck Duck Moose is looking to hire a Creative Director.

And then this:


Friday Link Pack

(Watching These Spice Bags Explode Is The Most Satisfying Thing You’ll Do Today)

National Toy Hall of Fame (via)

– How to make a mini pennant banner

– Some great insights: Super successful companies, by Sam Altman.

Arnold Schwarzenegger having ballet lessons in 1976

Start your day by shouting into the Alps and other fun stuff. (via)

– Tokyo Metro Map Printed on the Back of Neckties

Can I stream it?

Famous movie quotes as charts. (via)

– A Map Of (Almost) Every Job in America

Interview With a Two-Year Old. Love that his mom asked him “Where do you see yourself in 5 years?” (via)

– “It is time to move past the popular but incorrect left brain/right brain narrative.” YES!

– This is just plain sad: Frere-Jones is suing Hoefler for half of the world’s preeminent digital type foundry

Veerle’s inspiration stream is full of fantastic finds.

– ​The Way to Reheat Pizza Is in a Skillet

Storehouse – Visual Storytelling. Wow. Why is this app free?

Understanding Obamacare in One Hour. Thanks, Less Accounting. (via)

Writing Is Thinking, by Sally Kerrigan

– Tattly is having an inspirational sale until Sunday, midnight.

– Squarespace is looking to hire a Template Designer.

Dont’ wait.

“In life, you will become known for doing what you do. That sounds obvious, but it’s profound. If you want to be known as someone who does a particular thing, then you must start doing that thing immediately. Don’t wait. There is no other way. It probably won’t make you money at first, but do it anyway. Work nights. Work weekends. Sleep less. Whatever you have to do. If you’re lucky enough to know what brings you bliss, then do that thing at once. If you do it well, and for long enough, the world will find ways to repay you.”
– Jonathan Harris

Navigating Stuckness, by Jonathan Harris. Very touching post.

Freitag Tough Business Bags

F301 Freitag

In this wonderfully absurd product video Freitag introduces their F301 Moss and F302 Roy tough Business Bags. Definitely made me smile.

As if that wasn’t enough, this takes product videos to a whole new level:

Nothing beats the durability of a Freitag bag. I own 4 and one of them is 14 (!) years old and still going strong. And I will now add the F302 ROY on my wish list for santa this year.

♥ / The Theme Foundry

A big thank you to The Theme Foundry for sponsoring this week’s RSS Feed.

Need a beautiful and minimal template for your WordPress website? The fine folks at The Theme Foundry have been building WordPress themes from scratch since 2008. You won’t find a huge assortment on their site — they keep a small curated collection and focus on quality over quantity.

I personally love the simplicity of the recently added Snap and Watson Theme. Two swissmiss thumbs up!

(Interested in sponsoring a week of my RSS feed, learn more here.)

Artist Collaborates with her 4-Year-Old Daughter

Mica Angela Hendricks

Mica Angela Hendricks collaborates with her 4-Year-Old daughter creating stunning illustrations. Each drawing begins with Hendricks drawing a detailed head, after which her daughter adds on her own vision on how the drawing should evolve. Afterward Hendricks goes back in to polish things up a bit. And that’s how oddly charming dinosaur women, slug ladies, and beaver astronauts are born. Read more.

(Fantastic find via This Is Colossal)


“Work Hard, have fun, make history.”
― Jeff Bezos

Stellé Audio Pillar


During the NYNOW Gift Fair in NYC, Team Tattly met the lovely folks of Stellé Audio. We were lucky enough to have them as our booth neighbors. They provided us with lots of good music as they sell the Stellé Audio Pillar, a beautiful, Apple looking Bluetooth speaker.

(The accent in their name drives me bananas. Their name means “Stars” in Italian, but as far as I know, you don’t spell it with an accent.)


Screen Shot 2013-08-01 at 5.37.38 PM

@ppreciate is a lovely, simple site intended to promote positivity and appreciation in social media. It allows you to easily send a lovely illustrated sentiment/compliment to a friend. Take that, haters.

Try it yourself:

(Thanks Bernadine)

New Impressive Squarespace Site


The all new Squarespace site is stunning. Simply stunning. Navigate between the different spaces (case studies) with the arrows on the right and make sure to watch the short videos featuring the respective desk (surface) owners.

Squarespace, consider me impressed.

Individual Commitment

“Individual commitment to a group effort – that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work.”
Vince Lombardi

Friday Link Pack

(thank you Keef)

Patagonia has a blog about people who have owned their products for decades. (via)

– Diego Stocco created another sound experiment, this time including leaves and a turntable.

Browser Whiteboard Stencil

– David Bowie Releases a Collection of His Vintage Videos Online. Pure Gold.

– An overview of CRM tools.

– According to a BBC survey there are seven different social classes. These range from the “elite” at the top, distinguished by money, connections and rarefied cultural interests, to the “precariat” at the bottom, characterized by lack of money, lack of connections and unrarefied cultural interests. Multiplying the Old Divisions of Class in Britain, by Sarah Lyall

How a differential gear works

How the Chess Set Got Its Look and Feel (via)

Two Ingredient Appetizers.

– German photographer Karsten Thormaehlen’s beautiful portraits of centennials.

– Interesting Quora thread: What are the top 10 things that we should be informed about in life?

– When you deliver information verbally, people only remember 10% of it. If you add a picture, retention is 65%. Carmine Gallo: Three Secrets All Inspiring Messages Share. (via)

– A Tumblr about brand collaborations. (via)

– We got one of these galvanized trunks for our studio. We love it.

This silicon egg shaper will turn your breakfast plate into a work of art.

– Fascinated by the old-school looking vacuums.

FDNY is a growing list of NYC designers that took the leap and started their own businesses.

– Like sports much? The Brooklyn Nets are looking to hire a Web Developer/Designer.

Friday Link Pack

(via Organized Wonder)

– My studio neighbor Emily made the most amazing sailboat kite. Impressive.

– Jim Hopkins shares 10 quotes that defined the trends and lessons learned at SXSW 2013

Ink for iOS is the minimal, barebones sketching app I have been looking for. (via)

T-Shirt Frame.

Lightmeter app helps you set your exposure right.

– Illegal (yet amazing) night photography atop the Great Pyramid of Giza. (via)

Giant rainbow sprinkles cake. Yes, please.

The MacSparky Markdown Field Guide

– Next time you want to hit that Snooze Button. Think again.

– I love rubber stamps and I love mail. Winner.

Large Fancy Room Filled With Crap Tea Towel by David Shrigley

Googly Eye Luggage Tag

Sling Shot and Seed Bomb Kit. Seriously.

– Now that’s what I call a laundry cart.

– Finland’s New Passport Doubles As A Flip Book Of A Walking Moose (via)

– St.Gallen was the closest town to where I grew up in Switzerland, the town my dad is from and where my mom had a big high end clothing store. This site, Memoria St.Gallen, took me back in time, comparing photos from then and now. I downloaded the iphone app, really well done.

– My friends at Harvest are looking to hire a Visual Designer.

LittleBigDetails is a simple tumblr blog showcasing a collection of UI details. Yes, I’ve written about them before. Totally worth linking to again.

Actresses without teeth.

Tattly Growth Chart

jpeg-2Tattly Growth Chart

Our Tattly Growth Chart almost makes me wish I had an investor, so we could point them to this chart, at our next investor meeting.

It’s little office moments like this, with my team, that make me really really happy.

Patakk (Artsy Animated Gifs)


Patakk features some seriously artsy animated gifs.



PHHHOTO is a social photobooth that makes animated GIFs. Uhm, yes, studiomates would sure enjoy the presence of one of these booths at an upcoming beerfriday!

(via Coolhunting)

NYC Transit Authority Graphics Standards Manual

NYC Transit Graphics Standards Manual

This site is an archival record of a first edition NYCTA Graphics Standards Manual designed by Massimo Vignelli and Bob Noorda of Unimark International. Fascinating fact: The manual was found in a locker beneath old gym clothes. But thanks to Niko Skourtis, Jesse Reed and Hamish Smyth we can now all enjoy it online.

(thanks Don)

Rise Alarm Clock

Rise is a beauty of a minimal alarm clock app.

(Its simplicity reminds me of Blue, the brandnew weather app by my studiomates of Oak.)

(via Oz)

Design Tribe

“I feel happier and more a part of the world when I feel connected to others through likeminded communities. I feel really, really happy being part of a design tribe.”
– Debbie Millman

Read her Great Discontent interview.


Interactive Developer Jongmin Kim’s Form Follows Function is a collection of of interactive experiences. Each experience has a its own unique design and functionality. Everything’s created in HTML5, which means the site works well on both desktop and tablet.

(Thanks to Nate, who found it via DuaneKing)


“Look for the ridiculous in everything and you will find it.”
– Jules Renard