The Designer’s Field Guide to Sustainability


The LUNAR Elements team has recently published “The Designer’s Field Guide to Sustainability”, a tool designed to help all designers and engineers, no matter what their level of experience, design more sustainable products.

The Designer’s Field Guide to Sustainability, by LUNAR

Wasara – new line of disposable paper products


Wasara is a new line of disposable paper products that are inspired by traditional Japanese forms and aesthetics.

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don’t piss off your grandchildren


Had me chuckle. Available here. Part of a ‘go green‘ campaign based out in New Zealand.

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use wind and solar energy to charge your gadgets


HYmini is a universal power charger that uses wind and solar energy to top up most gadgets, and it comes with miniSOLAR panels and extra batteries. Twenty minutes of wind power will provide 30 minutes of iPod time. The HYmini can also be attached to bike handlebars or car windows.

Seen on trendwatching’s ECO ICONIC report.

Green Toys Indoor Gardening Kit


The Green Toys Indoor Gardening Kit is made from curbside collected milk containers.(Safe and no phthalates or BPA) It includes three pots with peapod-shaped tray, trowel, three packs organic seeds of zinnia or basil or teddybear sunflower, and three soil discs. What a fabulous gift for a little one. Here we come tiny little green thumbs!

Solio Solar Charger


When on-the-go power is key, plug into the Solio Solar Charger for a green boost of planet-friendly juice! Hybrid design combines an ultra-efficient solar panel with a rechargeable battery, for reliable performance in a sleek and rugged case, complete with a carabiner for portability. Comes with interchangeable charging tips, for use with a variety of devices, including iPods and most mobile phones.

cork goes eco-glam


Renewable, sustainable cork bag with raspberry organic cotton & hemp detailing. A cork bag? Now, that’s something new. Wheee! But hey, years ago I heard the rumor that the world is running out of cork. I guess not.

Rubber Tote


Americans alone toss out about 300 million tires every year. The big thinkers of the world are working on creative ways to reuse this vast quantity of rubber – ideas include mixing ground-up tires with urethane to create sidewalks or burning them like coal to produce energy. Meanwhile, some designers are thinking a little smaller. With the large Rubber Tote , discarded tires are hand-cut and hand-sewn into a vessel that can be used indoors or out as planter for a small tree, carrying container, space for gardening supplies or anything else that can benefit from solidly constructed storage. Modeled on ancient leather-crafting techniques, these durable containers are each unique and offer a functional alternative to the landfill. Not guaranteed to be watertight. Made in Egypt.

50 Ways to help the planet


Wire and Twine present: 50 Ways to help the planet. Fantastic! And they actually made 3 products specific to helping the planet.



Anamalz, wooden toy animals. Fantastic!

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eco picnic set


I am having major case of spring fever. Can’t wait to have picnics… This Eco Picnic Set will come in handy. Fitted into a jute bag with Life’s a Picnic print are plates, cups, glasses, cutlery and napkins – all fully biodegradable/compostable. In the bag are 4 or 8 plates, hot drink cups, glasses, napkins and sets of cutlery, held in place with a removable divider.

green dimes helps you stop junk mail


For a meager $20 GreenDimes promises to take me (and up to 8 other names at your address) off junk mail lists far and wide, including credit card offers, bank offers, and charitable solicitations. According to the blogs, users proclaim that they now go several days without receiving any mail at all.The only thing they can’t do is stop mail from companies I already have a relationship with, but this does not include catalogs. They can stop those at any time for no extra charge! In fact, they’ll even plant a tree for every catalog you cancel. Do you really need any more incentive? Stop Junkmail for Good

How Green is Your Printer?

By now everyone knows that routinely printing out e-mails or Web pages is a waste of paper and ink — and thus, of money. Now Xerox wants to persuade customers that it is also an assault on the environment. Xerox’s new tool can calculate the carbon footprint of printers and copiers…

How Green Is Your Printer? By Claudia H Deutsch

Uhm, is it just me but using a printer is simply NOT green. Period. ?

New York pocket man tote


Over at FredFlare check out this $35 tote featuring 7 outer zipper pockets that spell the name of our fave city. Loose change, iPod, cell phone & more have a great new home! Made of grey recycled fabric w/ a slight sheen making it so green.

a serious toy


OPPS are Global Warning Toys and there are four characters in the group. First is “Bhzt” – which wants to come in at night an unplug all your electronics cause he has a serious electricity addiction. Second is “Spsh” – he is here to add a little green to your home. He is a planter in waiting. Third is “Blug” – he makes you think about your water consumption. Lastly is ” Hunh” – he is the strongest of the group. They claim he can actually stop a car. Just place this under your wheels and bike to work.

Via Jennifer of minor details who I had the pleasure to meet yesterday! In the middle of our lunch conversation I screamed, pointed to her index finger and said: THE TATOO! I completely forgot that she’s the lady with the ingenious moustache tatoo. I posted about it a while back here. (please note: I am NOT into tatoos at all, but this, is fabulous!)

Green Basics: Carbon Footprint

This post over on Treehugger helps you understand the Carbon Footprint. Green Basics: Carbon Footprint, by Collin Dun, provides a couple of ideas on how to reduce yours.

paper or plastic?


For those of that have put the few seconds to think about whether to choose plastic or paper, and which is better, this WashingtonPost article can answer that for you.

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The Story of Stuff is a 20-minute, fast-paced, fact-filled look at the underside of our production and consumption patterns. The Story of Stuff exposes the connections between a huge number of environmental and social issues, and calls us together to create a more sustainable and just world.

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When Santa Turned Green


In When Santa Turned Green the North Pole starts to melt because of global warming. Santa jumps into action to make his workshop eco-friendly, and asks kids to help him take care of the earth. Wonderful!

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grocery store wars

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staple free stapler


Staples are history! You’ll never have to run out of them again. The Staple Free Stapler cuts out tiny strips of paper and uses the strips to stitch up to 3 pieces of paper together. Environmentally friendly.

tennis ball wallet


What do you do with old tennis balls ?? Ask Refinding , they’ll make a wallet out of it.

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USBCELL- Rechargable Batteries Reinvented


Moixa energies are the makers of USBCELL, which let you recharge your batteries by plugging them into your USB ports without the hassle of cables and power sockets. Buy them here!

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That Green Thing.


Green Thing is a newly launched, not for profit community site. The idea is to unite people against climate change by making it easy and enjoyable to be a bit greener, with the help of London’s creative industries. Every month you get a different Green Thing to do – October’s is ‘walk once’.

Each month, Green Thing displays user-generated content (videos, photos, songs) which shows how people have done the Green Thing that month.

Collaborated to this project companies such as: PHD (Media Planning), Pentagram and Interbrand (brand identity), PR firms Shine, Cake, Bite and Mission Media (Pr and WOM). BigMouthMedia,, Glue, Agency Republic, AKQA, Headshift and LBi are all bringing the ideas to life online.

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