Timshel is an iOS based subscription service that allows you to print up to 30 photos every single month. Love the idea behind Timshel. You have 8 more hours to support their Kickstarter campaign.

Reminds me a bit of Picplum, which I subscribe to.

The Brooklyn Bridge in Letterpress Type

My friend Cameron Moll did it again. He designed yet another historic architectural structure entirely out of type, this time, the Brooklyn Bridge. He is currently running a Kickstarter campaign to help pay for the letterpress printing cost. I am happy to see that he has already reached his goal, but there are still lots of fantastic rewards to be had. Go get yours!

The Invisible Dog Season 5

Lucien Zayan, one of my all-time favorite people, runs a fantastic cultural space on Bergen street called The Invisible Dog.

Five years ago, while visiting from Paris, he fell in love with the run-down building, convinced the owner to let him restore it into its original beauty. Lucien saw the potential and single handedly scraped off layers of paint, emptied out 5 floors filled with industrial components and a basement filled with junk. And by doing so he has turned what used to be a sleepy Cobble Hill street into a happening, cultural highlight in Brooklyn.

The value he is providing by running The Invisible Dog is tremendous. It’s a no-brainer for me, to back his Kickstarter and help fund The Invisible Dog’s fifth season. Can’t wait what they’ll come up with this year. Lucien, you ARE the king of Bergen street!

Join me and back Lucien’s Kickstarter!

Love one of his Kickstarter rewards giving you naming rights to his epic elevator. Trust me, that elevator is something special.

That’s So Crazy It Just Might Work

That’s So Crazy It Just Might Work is a future web show about creativity, entrepreneurship, and uncertainty.

The Reframe

My friends at Holstee just launched a fantastic new project called The Reframe. They’re taking on the sad fact that so many beautiful cards we receive live a sad life, long forgotten in some shoe boxes. Let’s celebrate them with Reframe, made from reclaimed wood of deconstructed abandoned houses in Detroit. The frames are designed to display and easily slide in any 5×7-inch card or print.

Totally backing this Kickstarter campaign! Join me?

Molehouse Frames

MOLEHOUSE frames are designed to beautifully display the content of your Moleskine sketchbooks. Lovely idea. Celebrate your sketchbook!


Canary is a beautifully designed device that contains an HD video camera and multiple sensors that track everything from motion, temperature and air quality to vibration, sound, and activity in your home.

Controlled entirely from your iPhone or Android, Canary alerts you when it senses anything out of the ordinary — from sudden temperature changes that can indicate a fire, to the sound and movement that could mean an intrusion. Instantly receive, view and act on the alerts wherever you are. And over time, Canary learns your home’s rhythms to send you smarter alerts.

Definitely smart. Check out their Indiegogo campaign.

Subway Sets

Subway Sets is a monthly concert series that brings amazing musicians from NYC’s subway up to skyscraping rooftops. Absolutely love this idea. Gets my support. Join me?

Trophy Buffet

Life is awesome and life should be celebrated, everyday, with a trophy: Trophy Buffet. Made me laugh.

map² – The Zoomable Paper Map

Unfold to zoom: map² is a smartly designed paper map that lets you zoom in to a more detailed view without going digital. Interactive yet tactile = total win! You can currently purchase one for London and Berlin. Next one up is New York, if their current Kickstarter campaign is successful.

(Thanks Anne)

Very Semi-Serious

Very Semi-Serious is a documentary aiming to go behind the scenes of the New Yorker. It introduces the past, present and future generations of cartoonists who have inspired, baffled—and occasionally pissed off—all of us for decades.

Totally backing this Kickstarter. Let’s make it happen.

(Thanks Joanna)

A Cardboard Food Truck for Kids

OTOOTO is a seriously adorable cardboard food truck for kids with a campaign going on over on indiegogo. My kids would get a total kick out of playing with OTO! I just backed the campaign, join me?

Constellation Quilt

Our studio neighbor and friend Emily Fisher launched a Kickstarter campaign for her truly stunning Constellation Quilts. One of the best Kickstarter videos I have seen in a while. Emily is wonderful and deserves our support.

POTHRA | Coffee Grounds Gone Decorative Pots

NOOKA founder Matthew Waldman created a new product, called POTHRA a flower pot made out of used coffee grounds. Love the idea.

Check out the POTHRA Kickstarter!

The YogoMat

The YogoMat is an eco-friendly yoga mat that folds and secures to fit in bags and purses and is easy to clean. Best of all, it’s 100% recyclable.

Urban Tour Project

Thomas Callahan makes high quality bikes here in Brooklyn. Yes!


Do you have dozens of posters that are just lying around in tubes or drawers? Then OpenFrame is for you! Custom framing can be expensive and is limited to holding one size of print. Jeff Sheldon & Matthew Smith designed OpenFrame as a simple, flexible way to hang posters, prints, and photos of various sizes and configurations.

The 10 Year Hoodie

Jake Bronstein, founder of Flint and Tinder, is set out to manufacture a hoodie that will last a lifetime, not like our average clothes these days. Entirely made in the USA.


Lumio unfolds from a book into a multi-purpose portable lamp. I just gasped watching the Kickstarter campaign. A beauty!

(via the Post Family)

Bent Basket

This Bent Bike Basket gets my two thumbs up. A beauty.


Aervine is a corkscrew and a wine aerator in one. A beautiful brainchild by William Ward, currently running a Kickstarter to get production join. I am backing this. Join me?


BLAZE is a beautifully designed, high-quality bike light that aims to significantly improve a cyclist’s visibility and safety! Two swissmiss thumbs up.

Concrete Pen

Dustin Faddis had the idea to create a concrete pen! And he made it happen. The pen has a name, Contribute, and a Kickstarter campaign to help kickstart production.


Spixi is a retractable cable for your iPhone and Android. Eco-friendly materials and good design get my vote.