Engraved Rolling Pins

Rolling pinsEngraved Rolling PinsEngraved Rolling PIngs

These engraved rolling pins made me smile. You can even get one custom made. Oh, the possibilities!

Good Eggs

Good Eggs

Good Eggs brings locally farmed groceries to your door. Totally giving this a try!

How To Make The Perfect French Omelette

Making an omelette the Julia Child’s way. 1960s!


Efficient Cherry Tomato Slicing


Crack A Smile

Crack a smile
Crack a smile

This breakfast mold sure would put a giant smile on my kids faces!

Drip Maple Syrup

Drip Maple syrup

The beautifully minimal Drip Maple site and Maple Syrup packaging stopped me in my tracks. Refreshingly modern.

All-In-One Kitchen Tool Set

All-In-One Kitchen Tool Set

This bottle looking device by Bin Akebono combines eight (!) kitchen essentials in one clever kit. An ideal gift for anyone living in tight spaces. The set includes a funnel, a lemon juicer, a spice grater, an egg masher, a cheese grater, a lid grip for loosening stubborn jar tops, an egg separator, and a 1 1/4 measuring cup. Seriously cool.

Kale Salad with Pecorino and Walnuts

kale salad

This Kale Salad recipe by Smitten Kitchen is so good I had to make it two days in a row. I am raving about Kale!? I guess, I am a real Brooklynite now.

(Thanks for the tip, Jason!)

Pour Mason

Pour MasonPour Mason is a pour-over coffee maker attachment made specifically for Mason Jars. Love the old-school look and feel of it. Also, they’re sold out. (womp womp)


Screen Shot 2013-11-04 at 3.03.20 PM

This weekend I was sad-tweeting about how much I miss Punchfork. Luckily, Hänschen pointed me to Yummly. The mission of Yummly is to be the world’s largest, most powerful, and most helpful food site in the world. I’ll give it a shot, for sure.

Skull Eggs

skull eggs

This made me laugh. Skull Eggs! Brilliant!

Bnto Canning Jar


The folks at Cuppow just released a smart new product called BNTO. It separates a canning jar into two compartments, making it into a cute lunchbox that can be reconfigured for each kind of meal/snack by using different sizes of wide mouth canning jars. Two swissmiss thumbs up!

Eggs Baked in Avocado

Eggs Baked in Avocado

I am fascinated by the idea of baking an egg in an avocado. Must try this!

(via buzzfeed)

Japanese Enamel Pasta Pot

Japanese Pasta Post

If my apartment was a pasta pot, it would look like this.

Pie with a Message

pie with a message

This pie with a message made me laugh. Quite ironic.

Japanese Vegetable Pancakes

Japanese Pancake Vegetables

I know what I am cooking this weekend: Japanese Vegetable Pancakes!

Friday Link Pack

I am all for music videos that feature Ira Glass.

8 Ways to Recycle Your Old Smartphone

– YES! NYC’s Expanded Recycling Program to Include All Rigid Plastics for the First Time

– An introduction to Google Analytics for ecommerce

Touching NYTimes piece: Listen to personal stories of Boston Marathon runners that were right there when the explosion happened.

– Want to learn how to combine typefaces? Tim Brown has you covered! (via)

This video was shown at the Publishing Luxury Summit to get the audience riled up and thinking positive thoughts about luxury! (thanks Steve)

– My friends at Mailchimp are looking to hire a Software Engineer Intern.

– These Pattern Click Pens make for a really good gift.

Your manifesto, your culture, by Seth Godin

3D color printer that uses paper, not plastic. (via)

Herman Miller’s best selling office chair sheds 18lbs and piles of plastic to become slimmer, more elegant.

How To Wash Your Hands In Space

25 Summer get-together food and drink ideas.

– I recently bought one of these ridiculously adorable Kikkerland USB Airplane Fans. It’s all kinds of cute and practical.

22 Unbelievable Places that are Hard to Believe Really Exist. (via)

Envelope, a super minimal ipad sleeve.

Contact Lens Owl Case. All kinds of adorable.


Three years of the Sun in three minutes. Thanks NASA.

Makers Gonna Make.

– My friends of Done Not Done are looking to hire a Product Designer, a Frontend Developer and a Python Developer.


Are you into eating locally grown food? Then you’ll enjoy Farmstand, an iPhone app built by my friends John, Josh and Glenn.

Farmstand makes it easy to discover and share the best of your local farmers’ market. The iphone app lets you share photos, post deals, and with that support local farmers. But they will soon take the experience beyond just the iphone as they are working hard on adding a web component featuring farmer profiles and restaurants that serve locally-grown food.

Learn more about their purpose or download the free iPhone app.

Yay for locally grown food!

Bye Punchfork. Hello Hugspoon.


I remember the sad day Punchfork announced they are going to shut down their app and site. While I am thrilled for the team for having been acquired by Pinterest, I can’t help but feel disappointed. I am tired of falling in love with services that then get acquired and shut down. I have developed a serious case of FSP (Free-Services-Paranoia).

I remember bringing this up over lunch at work which resulted in a long, philosophical conversation, and the shortly to be lauched Hugspoon. My friends at Fictive Kin realized just how incredibly disappointed and sad I was over Punchfork going away. They decided to go on a rescue mission and build Hugspoon, which aims to save all of your Punchfork recipes.

As the shut down of Punchfork is a mere few days away, my studiomates just put up the holding page for Hugspoon which will help them save your account information. If you want to be notified when they launch, just type in your email on their current homepage. If you have a Punchfork username and want them to save the recipes you liked, you can type that in, too. They’ll do their best to save your data before Punchfork disappears. If you want to learn more about why they’re doing this, check out their /purpose.


Rainbow Spaghetti

Rainbow Spaghetti

I know for a fact that my kids would get a total kick out of these Rainbow Spaghetti.

Yes, food coloring is bad for you. I get that. Obviously, I wouldn’t feed these to my kids daily.

(via meandering)



My daughter thinks Karoto is quite funny. I agree.

Heaven in a Bowl

cali cooks breakfast

For my birthday, my team sent a private chef to my house, making brunch for me and my friends. It was heaven! H-E-A-V-E-N! One of the dishes Cali made, was Barley Porridge. It was the best dish I ever ate for brunch.

I begged Cali to post the recipe on his blog, and he just did: Creamy Barley Porridge with Cardamom and Pomegranates by Cali Rivera. YUM!

Bamboo Mixing Bowl Set

Mixing Bowl Set

I wouldn’t mind giving this Bamboo Mixing Bowl Set a home.

Winter Sun Cocktail

Clementine juice and a touch of lemon combine with vodka = Winter Sun Cocktail. Haven’t tried it yet myself, but will do so this weekend!

(via Joanna)