Watch Steve Duncan, who calls himself an Urban Historian, explore the NYC underground. Filmed by Andrew Wonder.

Obviously, you shouldn’t try this yourself. I am simply fascinated to see behind scenes of this city I call home.

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2013 Guide To Manhattan

2013 Guide To Manhattan, a limited edition poster by David Ehrenstrahle!

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New York Transit Museum

I just discovered this Transit Museum Feature over on the new Barclay Center site. Love that they are celebrating all things Brooklyn with this growing series.

The New York Transit Museum is my son’s favorite place in Brooklyn. Lucky us, it’s just down the street from our apartment. The museum is in an actual subway stop and allows you to go back in time in subway history. It’s totally worth a visit, not just for kids. I give it two swissmiss thumbs up!

Rockaway Needs Your Help

Please everyone help the folks in Rockaway. There are instructions on their site on what they need and how you can help or you can donate to Occupy Sandy.

UPDATE: Help directly by shipping goods (Amazon.com/diapers.com) to the following address:
The New York Communities For Change (NYCC)
2-4 Nevins Street, 2nd Fl,
Brooklyn NY 11217

They are collecting donations and transporting them to Far Rockaway twice a day. Or you can stop by between 9 a.m. and 7 p.m and drop off your donations.

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Helping DUMBO Businesses

Last week I launched a SmallKnot Fundraiser to help Robert Elmes, owner of Galapagos Art Space. Hurricane Sandy has devastated his interiors and the damages are over $100K. Galapagos has been our incredibly generous CreativeMornings host for the past few years. Have you attended an event at Galapagos? Then please consider helping them get back on their feet with a small donation.

One Girl Cookies across the street was also hit hard and if you’re in the DUMBO area, please consider visiting their pop up store which is hosted by PowerHouse Arena from 9am-3pm.

Governor, next to One Girl Cookies has a fundraiser up as well.

The DUMBO Business Improvement District is organizing a fundraiser party for the DUMBO businesses. I already got my ticket. See you on wednesday?

I Still Love NY

I Still Love NY Hurrican Sandy Relief T-Shirt by Sebastian Erraziuriz. 100% of the profit goes to Hurricane Sandy relief programs.

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New York’s Newest Neighborhood

This illustration of New York’s newest neighborhood, SoPo, by Jake Levine made me chuckle. And then, my heart sinks at the thought that so many of my fellow New Yorker neighbors are still without power.

UPDATE: You can buy a SoPo T-Shirt for Sandy Relief

Designer’s Debate Club

The Designer’s Debate Club is going at it this Thursday, at General Assembly debating whether web designers must learn to code or not. Important question and awesome idea, going debate style. Get your tickets. Only 4 left.

The Invisible Dog

The wonderfully charming Lucien Zayan runs The Invisible Dog Art Center in Brooklyn. He has turned what used to be an old building filled with junk into a cultural center. A few years ago, Lucien was visiting from France, fell in love with the building, saw the potential and got to work.

He has since filled the Invisible Dog with so much passion and love for the arts that I happily call him the King of Bergen Street. It’s people like him that add so much to a neighborhood and to a community.

Lucien hosts art exhibits, a theatre, artist studios and a space you can rent for events. We have hosted a CreativeMornings there in the past and in just a few weeks Brooklyn Beta will have their third conference at The Invisible Dog.

As you can tell, I am quite fond of the institution and Lucien. He is a man with a heart of gold. He deserves all the support in the world. Join me in backing The Invisible Dog on Kickstarter?

(Oh, and I am honored to be part of his Kickstarter video, of course!)

NYC’s Skyline

The evolution of NYC’s skyline, 1876-2013. #impressive

Street Charge

Street Charge, a solar powered USB charger by my friends over at PENSA!, has been installed in DUMBO’s Pearl Street Triangle. Not only does it charge your phone and tablet, but it also provides some much needed shade. With free WiFi, picnic tables, and food vendors already in the area, Street Charge makes the Triangle the perfect place to enjoy the outdoors. Take a break and come charge up! #IheartDUMBO


I was tweeting earlier about two boxes of books in our coworking space that are hoping to find a new home. Most of them brandnew. Ivete Tecedor pointed me to ReLIT NY, a free reading program that collects your old, unwanted books and recycles them back to the public.

Brook Drop Sites include Whole Foods at Union Square, and Columbus & 97th Street and The Invisible Dog, on 51 Bergen Street in Brooklyn! YAY!

is completely volunteer run and therefore gets two swissmiss thumbs up!

Street Seats

Bade Stageberg Cox collected 50 abandoned chairs on the streets of New York, repaired them and gave them a new life with a coat of taxi cab yellow paint. The bottom of each chair is stamped and documented with the date and location it was recovered. Lovely. Street Seats.

New York City guidebook from 1916

“The first characteristic of New York, which impresses the stranger from abroad, and in a less degree from other American cities, is its atmosphere of breathless hast, its pervading sense of life keyed to an abnormal tension.”

“One direct consequence of this unending hurry, which the visitor is quick to feel, is a certain brusqueness and lack of civility as compared with other cities. Not that the great, motley, democratic middle class is deliberately rude to strangers; it simply lacks the time for the little courtesies of life, and grudges two words where one can be made to answer.”

Excerpts from a New York City guidebook from 1916.

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The disappearing Face of New York

I just rediscovered the wonderful photographs of James and Karla Murray’s book The Disappearing Face of New York over on the Retronaut.

Where Books Are Loved

Strand is New York City’s legendary home of 18 Miles of new, used and rare books. Since 1927.

If you’re in NYC you might want to know that Strand is hosting an event with Christoph Niemann and Francoise Mouly tomorrow.

Brooklyn: 41 Reasons Why

This beautifully analog Brooklyn guide offers 41 reasons to visit including Bamonte’s, a family-run, fourth generation Italian restaurant; the Peter Pan Donut & Pastry Shop; The City Reliquary, an idiosyncratic museum of New York; the thrills and spills of Coney Island; and pelmeni in Brighton Beach. And that’s just five of them.

Get it here.

Brooklyn Robot Foundry

Brooklyn Robot Foundry is a group of educators and technologists dedicated to helping Brooklyn children optimize their hands-on, technology-based learning experience. In other words: They’ll teach your kids how to build a robot. It doesn’t get much cooler than that.

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The Inverted Bike Shop

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Made In Brooklyn

Made In Brooklyn from Brooklyn Bridge Ventures on Vimeo.

Made in Brooklyn is a short film supporting, documenting and inspiring entrepreneurial talent in Brooklyn.


A Cabin, in Brooklyn

Hey New Yorkers, need a place to go for a staycation? A Cabin in a Loft in Brooklyn is a two-bedroom loft in Bushwick, Brooklyn. The cabin is available for short-term rental as an alternative to hotels and hostels to those seeking a more local experience of New York.

Made me smile.

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Lucky Ant

Brand new Lucky Ant is the Kickstarter for your community. Instead of funding short films and art projects, you help support improvements to your favorite neighborhood hot spots. Whether it’s sponsoring an outdoor patio for the cafe around the corner or even helping a local high school build a student-run restaurant, this is your chance to help build the community of your dreams.

Two thumbs up for this idea. Hoping they’ll add my Brooklyn neighborhood soon! Luckyant.com

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Sh*t New Yorkers Say

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