UpNext | 3D NYC

UpNext NYC is an interactive 3D map to explore Manhattan. With UpNext you can fly and zoom through the city fluidly, in its full 3D glory, without network hiccups or download times. Along the way we’ll show you restaurants, nightlife, shops, and all the places that are local favorites or highly rated. Tap a building to see all the businesses inside, or tap a subway station to see all the trains passing through. Search for bars, hair salons, sushi, or any of our other 50+ categories and we’ll light up all the results in your area. It’s not just a map, it’s Manhattan in your pocket. Whether you are a local or just visiting for the weekend, UpNext will make your NYC experience better. Get it at the iTunes App Store.

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Soma wanted to know what was half an hour from his house, so he made Triptrop. Put in an address and you get a map of how far everything is away from it. 15 minutes, forty minutes, two hours – all set up with nice little colors. Very cool!

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NYC Networking Event this friday


Every creative person is looking for great work. Every creative organization is looking for great people. This friday’s Creative Employment Confab matches these two groups for an intense 3 hour networking and recruiting experience focused on making productive connections for advancing your career.

The afternoon event will feature a panel discussion on trends and strategies in creative hiring for the present, and over the next 2-5 years. Our all-star panelist line-up: Khoi Vinh, Design Director of NYTimes.com, Tom Nicholson, CEO of IconNicholson, Michael Lebowitz, CEO of Big Spaceship, and Judy Wert, CEO and Executive Recruiter at Wert & Co. The panel will be moderated by Carl Alviani, Editorial Director of Coroflot.com.

More info, here.

SVA MFA Illustration Thesis Show Tonight!


I am looking forward to tonight’s MFA Illustration Thesis Show tonight at the School of Visual Arts! An exhibition that brings together books, figurative paintings, graphic novels and narrative series by 20 students graduating from the MFA Illustration as Visual Essay Department. Curated by faculty member David Sandlin.

Tonight, May 5, 6-8pm
Visual Arts Gallery
601 West 26 Street, 15th floor
Free and open to the public

First Mondays at Meet


On the first Monday of every month this Summer, MEET AT THE APARTMENT will open its doors to consultants, freelancers and job-seekers with cabin fever free of charge. Throughout the day, speakers and specialists will be giving seminars on topics such as self-branding, job hunting and blogging.

Perks include: Free WiFi, coffee in the AM, snacks and beverages in the PM, power outlets to keep your laptops juiced, plus all the office supplies you could need.

The first meetup will be Monday, May 4th 2009 from 9am-6pm. Email [email protected] to receive more information.

Fantastic idea! MEET is a beautiful space and I might just ditch swissmiss studio for the day and head over to SoHo! Hat tip to Marc and Sara Schiller!

Reporting from the 99% Conference


I am thrilled to be blogging from the 99% conference here in NYC today. Scott Belsky of Behance is on stage right now talking about the idea behind the conference which focuses on everything after an idea happens. I am very curious to see how the fabulous line up of speakers is going to deal with the unusual request to speak on the topic of execution, on how they make ideas happen.

Sit tight, I’ll be live-blogging as much as I can. (There is no outlet in the conference space, so let’s hope my battery plays along…)

Tomorrow in NYC: 99%


Behance partnered with Cool Hunting to host tomorrow’s “99%”: a conference that focuses less on inspiration, and more on how idea generation and organization come together to make ideas happen. I am excited to be attending tomorrow and curious to see how the speakers are responding to the organizer’s request to share their insights on the part of ‘how to get ideas realized, how to make them happen’. Are you going?

Talk to me about…


We had a fantastic CreativeMorning(s) at Google’s NYC offices this morning. A big thank you to Google, for not only hosting but also sponsoring an amazing breakfast. A big thank you to Andy Bonventre for talking on the topic of the collaboration of designers and engineers. And last but not least: A warm thank you to our Virtual Guest, John Ford, skyping in from Greensboro, NC.

I am still giddy about the fact that we got to tour the Google Offices! Whee!

I started a small experiment this morning, that I am planning on carrying through the next CreativeMornings. I asked people to print out a nametag-like paper titled “Talk to me about….” I *loved* that some of you actually took the time to ‘design’ the batch. Take for example this one. My question to those of you who attended this morning’s event: Did it spark a conversation? What should the next one say/ask? (See most of the tags of this morning here)

Designers Without Borders

Interesting upcoming Panel Discussion on the topic of “Designers Without Borders”, a discussion about design in a globalized world. Six well-known designers from various cultural backgrounds will participate. Specifically: Matteo Bologna, Roberto de Vicq, Carole Goodman, Maya Kopytman, Pablo Medina and Takaaki Matsumoto.

The event will take place on May 1st at 6pm, at NYIT, 16 west 61st Street, NY on the 11th floor auditorium. R.S.V.P at rvavetsi [at] nyit.edu by May 1st.


DUMBO AIGA Event: Stories From The Front


Ever wonder what other designers do or say to get their jobs? Finally, your chance to be a fly on the wall for other designers’ presentations. Five design icons will recreate actual presentations that won work or solved problems, demonstrating skills in PowerPoint, patter, and bravura. Short descriptions of the original RFP/Design Briefs will be presented so that we’ll know what the presenters received before creating their solutions. This recession-special event combines revelatory techniques on how designers win jobs—and lots of drinking. The five presentations will be followed by open questions, honest answers, and genuine commiseration from the audience. This event will be hosted in DUMBO, at Galapagos, an event space equipped with a bar.

AIGA | Stories From The Front: My Dog and Pony
Wednesday 29 April 2009 7:00–8:30PM

The event has been combined with a DUMBO Open Studio Tour beforeheand, swissmiss is one of them!

PSFK Conference New York 2009


This coming thursday (April 2, 2009) PSFK will host PSFK Conference New York in Battery Park. The event celebrates the most creative ideas and inspirational organizations emerging from the city – people who we write about on our daily news site at PSFK.com. They will host 12 lectures and panels in topics that include arts & culture, design, digital & mobile technology, marketing & advertising, sustainability, social media and publishing.

I am seriously bummed that I have an all day meeting that day and won’t be able to attend. The speaker line-up is fantastic.

ADC Paper Expo


ADC is hosting another Paper Expo on April 15th, 2009. (Students are invited to pick up samples on Thursday, April 16th, 11:00 am-3:00 pm)

NYC Pillow Fight on Wall Street

401565695_c06c40b68ejpg(Image by Simon)

This year’s NYC Pillow Fight will happen on Wall Street on Saturday April 4th at 3pm. Dress to the nines, ready to demand your bailout money. Fake cash, not feathers! This event once again a Newmindspace event.

Last Year’s Pillow Fight (Video).

Tonight: swissmiss speaking at Pecha Kucha


I am thrilled to have been invited to speak at tonight’s NYC Pecha Kucha. The line up of speakers is really promising and somewhat humbling. Two of my personal highlights are Dickson Despommier and Jay Parkinson.

What’s the format of Pecha Kucha you ask? Everyone gets to speak for 6min and 40seconds (20 slides for 20 seconds each). So we all have to keep it short and sweet. Come and join us tonight, this will be a fantastic event!

At Le Poisson Rouge
Doors 6:30 – Speakers 8:30
$10 at the door

Subway Art Gallery Opening

Improv Everywhere recently organized an art gallery opening on a NYC subway platform featuring ordinary objects found in the area as the “art”, each with it’s own descriptive placard, such as: “Convergence” (1962), electrical conduit and fittings, tile wall.

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Today’s foggy view from swissmiss studio. Like out of a movie, no? Better in big on flickr.

MoMA Site Redesign

The new MoMA.org site went live today. (Congratulations to Allegra Burnette and her team!) They have set a new standard, once again. The term WWMD (what would MoMA do?) is well deserved. And, having spoken to Allegra, I know this is just the beginning. There is much more to come, the site as it is right now is just the starting point.

I have already spent way too much time on the Multimedia Page this morning. Oh, what a wonderful time sucker. One of my favorite new glance into the prestigious organization is MoMA/Voices. Of course, I am biased as these 30second movies of MoMA employees have been done by my fab cousin Thilo Hoffmann. This one is my current favorite:

One comment on the new design: I am surprised at this new trend of having the navigation at the bottom with the content scrolling behind it. I have seen it a few times and to be honest, I am not a big fan of it. But maybe it will just some getting used to. Time will tell.

One in 8 Million


One in 8 Million, a NY Times weekly web series about the different characters in New York. (I love New York and The New York Times for publishing stuff like this.)

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99% | A Behance Conference April NYC


The line up of speakers for the 99% Behance Conference is promising! Michael Bierut, Seth Godin, Ji Lee, just to name a few. 99% will be happening in NYC April 16, – April 17, 2009! See you there?

Hudson River Landing Animation

Hudson River Landing Animation

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Two Cameras left on New York City Benches

Joanna left two disposable cameras on park benches–one in Manhattan and one in Brooklyn. She was curious to see what would happen! Would they be stolen? Would people take rude photos? Her intern Matt left a note saying: “Good afternoon! I attached this camera to the bench so you could take pictures. Seriously. So have fun. I’ll be back later this evening to pick it up.”

That night, when he returned to the scene, both cameras were there, and the rolls of film had been shot. Below are two of them. See all of them here. Love!


Objectified NYC Screening in April

The Objectified Special Screening will be on Thursday, April 9th, 6:30pm and 9:30pm
at the Visual Arts Theater. They’ll probably be sold out in two seconds. Get yours here.

Nicholas Felton: Curating Personal Behavior


Graphic designer Nicholas Felton spends a great deal of time thinking about how to construct charts and graphs from his everyday routines. SVA’s new MFA Interaction Design Program talked to him about the effects his Annual Reports have on his everyday life, and some of his longer-term projections. Make sure to see him speak at the March 11 Dot Dot Dot Lecture.

(thank you liz)

Pentagram to rebrand MoMA


Along with the many signature artworks in its collection, The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) possesses one of the most recognizable logotypes of any cultural institution in the world. In recent years, however, the application of this identity across the museum’s broader graphics program has been indistinct. Now MoMA has recast its identity, building on its familiar logotype to create a powerful and cohesive institutional voice. The new graphic identity has been designed by Paula Scher (Pentagram), and further developed and applied by wonderful Julia Hoffmann, MoMA’s Creative Director for Graphics and Advertising (and a Pentagram alumna).

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