In The Presence Of Truth

♥ / Grow Your Brand’s Relevance in the Digital Age

A big thank you to Parsons at Open Campus for sponsoring my blog this week.

Gaining awareness and engaging with your audience in a captivating, authentic way is essential for the growth of your brand. But with so much content everywhere, how do you cut through the noise to ensure your message is heard?

Learn the techniques, tools, and strategic insights for differentiating and promoting your business with the Digital Marketing Certificate offered through Open Campus at The New School. In this series of five online courses, you will:

– Work with faculty and peers in five courses that will help you plan for and develop a real digital marketing campaign and strategy
– Explore the evolution of digital marketing and the way elements such as strategy, channels, and platforms interconnect
– Learn how to apply a value proposition, identify and analyze brand attributes, and conduct a SWOT analysis for a brand, product, or service of your choosing
– Tap into the enormous potential of social media to elevate your brand and business
– Explore the roles of digital, mobile, and native marketing and the way they all come together to form a campaign
– Examine the progression of a marketing plan, from brief to channel selection to projection of ROI, and apply this expertise to your brand and business

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Same Height Party

As a tall woman, the idea of attending a party where everyone is the same height, is incredibly fascinating. What a cool experiment!

Asking for What You Want

“There’s a ton you can get in life if you’re willing to submit yourself to the mortifying horror of asking for it.”


Kelly Knaga Print

Limited edition screen print by Kelly Knaga. Lovely.

This Bedroom

Entire Brooklyn must have heard me gasp just now. This bedroom is E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G-! (I assume this is just a rendering?)

Update: Thanks to Christopher I now know that this bedroom is REAL! GAH!

Half of Your Heart

Wear Your Kale

Gah! I have been waiting for *weeks* to share this new Tattly: Kale Tattly by Lara Gastinger. I am pretty sure the entire state of California is freaking out right now.

The Heart of Clarity

“Despite how open, peaceful, and loving you attempt to be, people can only meet you, as deeply as they’ve met themselves. This is the heart of clarity.”
Matt Kahn

No Ordinary Apartment

This floating desk situation and the overall feel of this space are making me swoon. Designed by Annabell Kutucu.

Felt Underbed Storage Bins

These felt storage bins by Get Open Space are beautiful.

Our Presence

“The world needs our immediate presence.”
— Louise Penny, paraphrasing Miguel Cervantes

From How Time is On Your Side, by Bridget Watson Payne

Wake Up To Your Patterns

This post by Brianna Wiest stopped me in my tracks.

Paper Clay Air-Humidifier

Paper Clay’ is an eco-friendly air-humidifier that does not require any electricity or energy source to function, but uses instead the physics principles of capillary action and evaporation. Designed by Maxime Louis-Courcier. Want!

Glassine Treat Bags / Envelopes

I love these Glassine Treat Bags.

Link Pack

Oh I want to watch this: The Booksellers

– I am so grateful for this wonderful article on my co-working community Friends Work Here over on 99u.

Say it with a pin makes really fun pins. (They sent me some custom ones they made for me and they are stunning.)

11 Reasons Not To Become Famous

– Craig Mod shares what he learned running a paid membership program.

– This is all kinds of wonderful: An Artist Used 99 Phones to Fake a Google Maps Traffic Jam

20+ Questions to Ask for 2020 (via Jocelyn)

– A wonderful 7min listen: Carl Sagan And Ann Druyan’s Ultimate Mix Tape

– I keep coming back to this interview with Adrienne Maree Brown. So full of goodness.

What do you really want? A wonderful (and rare) interview with Michael Singer who wrote the Untethered Soul. A book that changed my life in 2018.

– Tattly’s newest collaboration with Lara Gastinger makes me so very happyy.

– I like this minimal pet bed.

– This minimal and modular shelving system makes me swoon.

– I was recently sent one of these Asparagus Fern Kokedama. It makes me giggle every time I water it.

You, Me, We! is a a super adorable eset of fill-in books that give parents and children an opportunity to express themselves and connect with each other in the process.

This wooden toy telephone is delightful.

Sound Print app lets you find quiet places, date spots, restaurants. I am super sensitive to noise, especially in restaurant settings. I appreciate this so much.

– You are a creatively minded, kind human in search of a new job? Here’s a job board for you matching you with creative companies.

– A big thank you to Parsons at Open Campus for sponsoring my blog this week.

Nude Bottom Planter

This nude bottom planter by group partner made me smile.

Story Planter

This freestanding planter situation has me swoon! Comes in white and black.

Afraid To Look

“You will
find yourself
in all the of the places
you are afraid
to look.”
— cwpoet

Always Coming Back To This One

My favorite. Of all time.

♥ / Unlock Your Leadership Potential Through Design

A big thank you to Parsons at Open Campus for sponsoring my blog this week.

When we think of design, we often associate it with commercial endeavors: a company logo, a product, a website, or even a building’s layout. But design can also be used as a powerful tool for bringing about forces of change in organizations and in society at large. As the definition of design expands to encompass new human-centered strategies for problem-solving, “design thinking” has become an in-demand skill for thriving in today’s global economy.

With the Design Leadership for Business Certificate offered by Parsons at Open Campus, you can lead innovation in your organization and implement creative strategies, all in the context of design. In this five-course online program, you will:

– Gain actionable insights to apply design thinking to your own professional field or discipline
– Benefit from mentorship and direction from instructors who are strategists, entrepreneurs, and design thinkers with years of experience working across industries, from consulting to technology
– Develop the forecasting skills to simulate and strategically plan for the future
– Acquire interview and observation techniques that guide the design thinking process
– Undertake hands-on projects to prototype solutions that will yield real outcomes you can utilize right away

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The Person She Becomes

“You will manage to keep a woman in love with you, only for as long as you can keep her in love with the person she becomes when she is with you.”
— C. JoyBell C


How cool is this Korean Drum Dance?

Amit Gupta

I had tea with Amit last week and it reminded me of his heartfelt XOXO talk from 2015. It will rip your heart wide open.