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A big thank you Skylar Yoo for sponsoring my blog and RSS Feed this week.

Skylar Yoo is a company that’s all about female empowerment. They sell apparel (in the form of beautiful, hand lettered statement tees), art prints and accessories to the modern feminist. 20% of their profits go towards two charities: The Malala Fund (empowering girls through education) and Bring Change to Mind (raising awareness of mental health). Shop some of their most popular tees like Girls to the Front, Yes, She Can and Fearless Girl. They sell youth and toddler tees, too!

Get 20% off your order at skylaryoo.com with offer code SWISSMISS

Polka-Dotted House

Ingrid asked “Would you like to live in a polka-dotted house?” YES is my answer! YES! YES! YES!

Christoph Niemann’s TED Talk

I admire Christoph Niemann. I am not surprised I loved his TED talk.

I feel this:

The Carrot Project

Between April 2016 and January 2017 Martin Markstein carved daily carrots for his 4 year old son’s lunchbox. The initial intention was to make him eat the vegetables, but he apparently began to trade the carrots for “better“ food. One day he wanted that all the kids of his kindergarden group to get a carved carrot, too. So, of course, super dad that he is, Martin ended up carving 23 magic wands, arrows, bows and axes. This is stinking adorable. Also, lunchbox hero!

Super Tattly Pack

Every summer Tattly puts together the new, limited edition Super Tattly Pack which includes 100 designs, comprised of the past year’s best sellers, plus new unreleased designs. You’ll never be unprepared for a party again.


This. 100%! Thanks for the laugh, Mr. Bingo.

I See Rivers

Completely enamored with I See Rivers since I saw them perform at the Do Lectures a few weeks ago and I have been listening to their tunes nonstop ever since.

Friday Link Pack


– Tattly is having its once-a-year-totally-bonanza-50%-birthday-sale right now!

Women Who Design, a directory of women working in the design industry (via)

A Primer on UX/UI Design

Glyphs App allows you to create Fonts on your Mac

– Completely in love with this cat furniture company. Modern and beautiful cat trees, beds, etc.

Quick, Easy-to-Finish Tasks Build Momentum in the Morning

– Cute overload: Baby throws his hands up after being un-swaddled

Hold Your Fire: The shirt that raises money to support gun control, made by a girl who misses her dad.

5 signs you are doing better than you think you are.

How to Notice and Avoid Dark Patterns Online

– I would love to experience an Outstanding in the Field Dinner.

Hurry Slowly Episode with Austin Kleon – Pencil vs Computer

What pigeons do for fun!

– This 6 month old baby has some epic hair.

– A big thank you to Allen Gannett for sponsoring my blog this week. I’ll definitely give Can You Learn To Be More Creative? a read!

Cool jobs to apply for:

California Sunday Magazine is looking to hire a Creative Director, Creative Associate and Assistant Editor.

We Transfer is looking for a Product Designer in Amsterdam.

Firebelly in Chicago is looking to hire a Project Producer and Design Apprentice.

Alchemy is looking to hire a front-end developer and junior developer. Remote!

MailChimp is hiring a whole army! Some of the jobs that stood out: Senior Producer (Atlanta), Talent Scout (Atlanta), Senior Designer (Atlanta), Software Engineer (Brooklyn and Oakland). See all jobs.

Did you know CreativeMornings recently launched a job board and a creative company directory?


My stoop community (aka neighbors) and I are featured in this Mac Premo piece on stairs. Our cameo is at the very end!

Cat Scratching Post Volto

Now this is a cat scratching post I could get behind. Thanks Tuft and Paw for bringing some style to cat furniture.

30 Days of Trash

Rob Greenfield collected 30 days of trash, living like the average American and then turned the mountain into a suit he could wear. The purpose of this project was to create a memorable visual of how much garbage one American creates. Powerful! It visualizes clearly how much individual actions matter and how much they add up.

Taking Responsibility for Your Life

“When you take responsibility for your life, you can choose peace instead of drama, growth instead of complacency and love instead of abuse.”
– Kyle D. Jones

Totally Bonanza Tattly Birthday Sale

Once a year Tattly runs a totally bonanza 50% birthday sale. IT IS ON! And, while you’re browsing, you might want to know that our site is brand-new, launched last week, built by the fine folks of Lucid! Go try those filters! Wheee!

Happy our 7th Tattly birthday to you!

Reflection Cards

Holstee’s Reflection Cards look like a sure way to have a meaningful conversation. Want!


This Butter dish, designed by Kristina Filler, made me laugh: Buttah!

Sue Austin … Deep Sea Diving in a Wheelchair

When Sue Austin got a power wheelchair, she felt a tremendous sense of freedom — yet others looked at her as though she had lost something. What a moving and inspiring talk. What an inspiring woman!

Negative People

“Stay away from negative people. They have a problem for every solution.”
– Albert Einstein

♥ / Can You Learn To Be More Creative?

A big thank you to Allen Gannett for sponsoring my blog and RSS Feed this week.

What if creative genius was a skill to develop, not some mystical thing? The new book, The Creative Curve, combines the latest science on creativity with interviews from everyone from the Broadway team behind Dear Evan Hansen, to the founder of Reddit, from the Chief Content Officer of Netflix to Michelin star chefs.

Using this, author Allen Gannett breaks down how you can enhance and develop your own creative potential.

According to Daniel Pink, the New York Times bestselling author of When and To Sell is Human, “The Creative Curve will take you through the science and practice of creativity so that you can start tapping into your own breakthroughs.”

Pick up your copy on Amazon or your local independent bookstore.

Introducing: Tattly Balloons

Team Tattly launched balloons yesterday! YAY! So many Feelings! Can you RESIST?

Washable Lunch Bag

Oh! I like this washable, eco-friendly lunch bag by Pip Pottage.

Cats Kill

I laugh every time I see this CATS KILL T-Shirt. But I guess it’s only funny if you live in the NYC area and are in the on the joke. (There’s an area upstate of NYC called The Catskills)

Seven Principles for Belonging

The Art of Community by Charles Vogl is the first book to distill principles from 3,000 years of spiritual traditions for leaders to create belonging in any organization, field or movement. It is written to support mission driven leadership.

For Strangers On The Internet

This made me smile. Here’s to keeping it real.