Good Bones

Bumping this post from 2017 back up. Timely.


♥ / Float

A big thank you to Float for sponsoring my blog this week.

Float is a resource management software built for agencies, studios, and firms. Plan for multiple projects on the go. Manage your team’s availability and time off. Keep track of who’s working on what, when, and from where—all in one place.

Connect your resource schedule directly with your favorite tools including Asana, Jira, Trello, Teamwork, Google Calendar, Outlook, and Slack.

The world’s top creative teams, including BuzzFeed and MetaLab, use Float to plan their projects and schedule their team’s time.

Try a free 30 day trial here.

Million Mile Light

The Million Mile Light is a battery-free safety light for runners and joggers that’s powered by motion and engineered to never give up. Brilliant.

Anything Worth Doing

“Anything worth doing is worth doing slowly.”
— Mae West

Tattly Furry Friends Sheet

This new Tattly Furry Friends Sheet by Brooklyn based illustrator Kevin Waldron is making me happy.


“I don’t want to be part of your revolution if I can’t dance!
— Emma Goldman

Nordic Kitchen Teapot

Hello there, beautiful teapot!

The End of Something

“Often when you think you’re at the end of something, you’re at the beginning of something else.”
— Fred Rogers

Instant Lettering: A Letraset Database

A growing online database of Letraset Sheets. Be still my heart.

How to Be at Home

A beautiful animation creative by Andrea Dorfman, while in social isolation through the spring and summer of 2020. How to Be at Home is one of thirty films made through, The Curve, a National Film Board of Canada series of films created within (and many about) our pandemical times.

Hoek Furniture

Absolutely loving this modern, stustainable, click together, flat pack furniture called Hoek. Brooklyn made. YES!

Link Pack


A new and growing archive dedicated specifically to the graphic arts in Uruguay.

– A set of elegantly proportioned three-dimensional letters, numbers and symbols to add to your favorite necklace.

– As a visual learner I really appreciate the animated graphics in this article about how the Coronavirus spreads.

– Anyone who has ever dealt with formatting things in markdown will love this Markdown Live Preview.

– These bird portraits by Tim Flach made my day.

– I love this felt curbside bedtable.

– YES! You go Canada! Canada banning plastic bags, straws, cutlery and other single-use items by the end of 2021 (via)

– This dressed up pug made me laugh.

– My friend Carolyn gifted me a pack of Uniqlo face masks. They are so comfortable.

Bongo Cat. Made me laugh.

– I just discovered The Red Hand Files and am loving every bit of it. This post is beautiful.

– Adam JK’s Unsolicited Advice 2021 Planner is out.

– These Doodle Crayons are almost too sculptural and cool to use.


– I keep thinking how much I love my SOMA Water Pitcher. Not a new product, but worth mentioning how much I appreciate it.

– I can’t stop watching this: A guy put cheese into a chocolate fountain.

Uppity Women Unite Pin.

A Brooklyn quilt. Lovely. (There’s more cities!)

– So, is this bike watch mirror actually useful?

Tattly’s new furry friends sheet by Kevin Waldron is a big hit. The foxes are my favorite.

– Want to hire a kind creative soul? Check out the CreativeMornings job board. Posting jobs can be super duper costly, at least in the USA, the CreativeMornings job board gives you unlimited postings with one flat monthly fee, plus, global exposure within the wonderful community of CreativeMornings Humans.

Trivial aims to help non-developers flow data between services easily and build custom web apps, think of it as a souped-up Zapier and Shopify combo. (I want to thank them for generously sponsoring my blog this week!)

First Time Voter

21 years ago I moved to NYC not knowing it would become my forever home.⁣

Two months ago, I became a US citizen, during a pandemic nonetheless.⁣

Today I voted for the first time, after two decades of paying taxes, building businesses and and raising my children in the USA.⁣

It feels good to citizen.

Melt Lounge Chair

Studio Bower launched the Melt Line.

This chair won my heart. (Yes, it is very expensive. And yes, it’s beautiful!)


The magnetic Tasha Blank is hosting a virtual dance party to #DanceTheVote on Thursday October 29th, 8pm ET! I’ll be there! Join me? Registration is free and everyone is welcome!

Furious Dancing

“Hard times require furious dancing”.
— Alice Walker

Halloween 2020 Humor

This made me laugh.

Wine Glass Drying Coaster

I would totally put these wine glass drying coasters to use.

♥ / Trivial

A big thank you to Trivial for sponsoring my blog this week.

Trivial aims to help non-developers flow data between services easily and build custom web apps, think of it as a souped-up Zapier and Shopify combo.

They are looking to interview designers, product managers or any other interested humans on how they’d use a tool like this. If you know what APIs are but need someone else to use them, they’d love to talk to you. Sign up for updates!

Avocado Vase

I love this Avocado Vase. (At the rate I am going my apartment is going to morph into an Avocado forest soon.)

David Whyte reads “Everything Is Waiting for You”

Keith Haring Stacking Figures Game

This Keith Haring Stacking Figures Game made me look.

5-Step Road Map For Saying No

1. Remind yourself that time is valuable and once it’s spent you absolutely can’t get it back.

2. Ask yourself: “Would I be willing to do this thing tomorrow?” It’s easy to sign yourself up for something in April when it’s only September. Do your future self a favor and try this little exercise.

3. Respond quickly. Don’t leave people hanging once you know you’re saying no.

4. Own your “no” if it’s not a priority (because something else actively is): “Thanks so much for thinking of me. I’m not going to be able to take this on, but I wish you the best with X.”

5. Reframe your “no” to assuage your guilt (if it’s something you genuinely wish you had time for). Acknowledge that this commitment is significant to you, even if you’re not taking it on. A good sample script: “This is so important that it deserves someone’s full energy, and since I can’t do that because I have XYZ other things, I would be dishonoring the importance of this event/role/weekend getaway by saying yes.”

5-Step Road Map For Saying No

(via Recomendo)

What I Thought I Wanted

Feeling this photo. I found it over on Positive Vibe Tribe.