“Whatever you do, do not close!”

I recently shared over on my Instagram that so much of my energy these days is spent on catching the moment my thoughts start getting anxious.

When I catch myself starting to fear-worry-spiral, I take deep breaths and remind myself of all the blessings and of what is going right.

I had one of these moments last week while food shopping and the simple act of taking a selfie with my kids snapped me right out of it.

Michael Singer of ‘The Untethered Soul’ once said “whatever you do, don’t close” and it has become my daily mantra. (You can hear him talk on this in the above video!)

How do you all stay in your hearts these days?

Geometric Earrings

Not sure I could pull these off, but these geometric earrings made me look.

Bike Riding the Rails

I agree with Kottke, definitely filing this under “Things I Definitely Want to Do Sometime”: riding electric-assist railbikes through a California redwood forest.

Rope Doormat

I dig this minimal charcoal rope doormat.

Not Right Now

Link Pack

The very first two hours of MTV, August 1, 1981. (via)

This puzzle made me chuckle.

– Wow, there are some really brilliant design ideas in this round-up post. My favorite is the bench on wheels so you can always be in the shade!

– This Transformer Table is pretty incredible. Wow.

– I can’t believe I am blogging about a Dyson vacuum, but here I am: The new Omni-Glide looks fantastic to a wooden-floor-sweeping-obsessed-human like me.

– “I did not become famous but I cam close enough to smell the stench of success…”

– Bookmarking this Garlic Confit Pasta

– I just discovered Arlo Skye Suitcases. Do you own one? Do you love it? The Zipper Carry-On seems great. I have been thinking of getting my kids their own rollies eventually.

– This LEGO x Adidas Collaboration makes me happy.

Plant dreams.

– Behold: an absurdly simple trick for choosing between “who” and “whom.”: To Whom it May Concern

The Most Powerful Tidal Turbine To Date Produces Clean, Reliable Energy Off the Scottish Coast

– My teenage daughter would get a kick out of this double name ring.

– This made me chuckle: Headless gymnastics at Olympics

– I am dying a little: A USA based store with Swiss imports. (The web site is a trip!) This Raclette grill for two is adorable!

– These are pretty cloth napkins.

– This garden hose reel is beautiful.

Put some art on you.

– Looking for a job? Hiring? The CreativeMornings Job Board got u.

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Why am I Seeing and Feeling This?

“Ask yourself: Why am I seeing and feeling this? How am I growing? What am I learning? Remember: Every coincidence is potentially meaningful. How high your awareness level is determines how much meaning you get from your world.”
– Ansel Adams

(via Nitch)

Japanese Skillets

Hello you beautiful Japanese ceramic skillets, come into my life!


Ah, yes, who wouldn’t want to cruise around in a Moke? My kids would lose their minds!

I Feel This

I feel this sentiment by Martin Creed, Work No. 2210.

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Kengos are sneakers made from plants. Made without glue. Recyclable! Love this!

Rules versus Decisions

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“Be curious, not judgmental.”
– Ted Lasso

The Wishing Basket

Great product name. Cute looks. I’d give it a home.


This humanity at play makes my heart happy: In one of the most exciting and competitive high jump finals in Olympic history, Qatar’s Mutaz Essa Barshim and Italy’s Gianmarco Tamberi — who both cleared 2.37m — decided to forgo a jump-off and share the gold.

Click through and watch the video here.

This. Is. Beautiful!

How to Use ProRAW on Your iPhone 12 Pro

“Serious iPhone photographers have been able to shoot in RAW for some time via third-party apps like Halide. But what makes the new ProRAW feature special is that you don’t need to use another camera app—ProRAW images can be captured in the iPhone’s native camera app. More importantly, it utilizes all of Apple’s advanced computational photography features built into the iPhone.

How to Use ProRAW on Your iPhone 12 Pro

Art by Hanna Lee Joshi

Wonderfully colorful and voluptuous art by Hanne Lee Joshi.

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How to Disappear: The Art of Listening to Silence in a Noisy World

This made me laugh out loud.

– Oh, I like the look of these sleek climate-friendly cooling units

– So many nuggets of wisdom in this post over at the First Round Review blog: The 30 Best Bits of Advice We’ve Heard on Our Podcast (So Far)

Why people are so awful online, by Roxane Gay

The cost to be a decent person is 0.00.

Simon Sinek gives us a fun exercise to find your why.

– Loving this canvas tote.

– Next time you visit NYC, make sure to visit The Little Island. It’s lovely!

– Can we talk about how magical this plant is? Watch the GIF.

How To Ask A Stranger For A Portrait

Gentle reminder.

This poor stick bug.

Asking the right questions to frame the problem.

Coronavirus Logos

What went right this week

It’s tough being a cameraman for the Olympics trampoline.

– These days it feels as everyone in my universe is coupled up. That’s why I started a thread of single folks raising their hands over on Twitter. Join in if you’re single and possibly up for a non-cringe-y singles event.

– Put some tiny Tattly on you. It doesn’t hurt.

– There are currently 2,806 jobs listed on the CreativeMornings Job Board, of which 681 are remote friendly.

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Unpaper Towels

I want to break my paper towel habit. Maybe these Unpaper towels will help me make the switch?

Our Own Life

Our own life has to be our message.”
– Thich Nhat Hanh

Handmade Round Nesting Ramekins

Loving these handmade round nesting ramekins.

Every Person

“Every person is a world to explore.”
― Thích Nhất Hạnh

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