Gilbertville Public Library I

This Art print of a paper collage by Hollie Chastain made me look. Lovely. (A rainbow laser?)

Rainbow Kitchen

This colorful kitchen made me smile. It has Jessi written all over it.

(via pinterest)

Rainbow Cocktail Napkins

Considering that this coming sunday, for Halloween, swissmiss family is about to dress up as a Double Rainbow (G and moi each one), Ella as Rainbow Princess and Tilo as a pot of gold, it is a given that these Rainbow Cocktail Napkins made me look!

A2 Stripe Storage

This Stripe Storage Chest by A2 is perfect for that room that needs a little color.

(via fromscandinaviawithlove)

Rainbow Office

Designed by Dutch architecture firm Hofman Dujardin, the DLA Piper office is a playful space intended to accentuate the variations in sunlight throughout a typical working day. What does that mean? The side of the building that receives the most sunlight is balanced with cooler tones, while the side that receives the least is compensated with warm tones. Meanwhile, the giant gradient of carpet connects the four main meeting rooms, while also creating a simple and clear sense of orientation within the building.

I am pretty sure this will make my studiomate Jessi’s head explode. (She’s the rainbow birthday lady)

(Thank you Rion!)

Lucky So and So

The internet just got a little more colorful. Why? My lovely studiomate Jessi Arrington of Workshop just launched her brandnew shiny blog. Yay!

Remember Rainbow Birthday? Well, that was Jessi. I am not surprised that she sports a rainbow and color categories on her site.

Make sure to have a looksie at her about page. Jessi makes me smile on a daily basis here at the studio and I am glad I can get my digital fix now, when she’s not around. The world needs more Jessis.

Please enjoy:

impromptu rainbow

Impromptu rainbow, made from acrylic paint attached to a windshield wiper. This is genius and makes me happy.

(thank you Summer)

Rainbow Jell-o

Rainbow Jell-o. Yes, I just went to rainbow heaven.

(Jessi, Liz, it has happened, I started a Rainbow Category)

Fake Rainbow

The world needs more (Fake) Rainbows.

Bobble | Water Bottle with Built In Filter

Have you ever gone completely gaga over a waterbottle? I did! I was given a Bobble and am loving it. What’s so cool about it? It has a built in water filter! So when you’re on the go you can just keep filling up your Bobble with regular tab water. No need to buy bottled water. Yay, right?

I have come across similar bottles before, but they were an offense to my aesthetics. Bobble looks fabulous! Its design is minimal, stylish and they come in a rainbow of colors. Bobble will be my new favorite gift!

swissmiss hearts Bobble.

Rainbow Pancakes

This is for you Liz and Jessi: YES! Rainbow Pancakes!

(via inspireddays)

Super Epic Rainbow Cake


How fabulous is this Super Epic Rainbow Cake?

(thank you jessi)

A Pencil Rainbow

pencil rainbow

500 pencils = 25 colors x 20 months

rainbow cake


Rainbow cake from Omnomnom. Made me smile.

(via design scouting)

Songs About Rainbows


Songs About Rainbows

(thanks doug)

Rainbow Chart


Rainbow Chart by Shannon Lucy

just ordered:


Etsy find of the day: Rainbow Windowpanes Infant or Toddler Dress – Choose Your Size. Just ordered for Ella. Wheee!

rainbow in your hand


Rainbow in your hand flip book. Fantastic. Poetic.

(via senorita puri)

rainbow car


I want a car in these colors. I mean all of them. Stripy fun.

rainbow + air canada


I agree with ChrisGlass: Sometimes Rainbows Work.

rainbow umbrella

Picture 1

Color Wheel Umbrellaicon: I think it’s time for me to introduce a new category: Umbrellas. Right G?

how do you organize your books?


Wish I had such a big built in wall-bookshelf, I’d organize my books by color as well…