CSS Float Theory: Things You Should Know

CSS Float Theory: Things You Should Know

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mini ajax

Lots and lots of nice looking simple downloadable ajax code.

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CCS in Email

A Guide to CSS Support in Email: 2007 Edition

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Web Design 101: Positioning

Any cascading style sheets (CSS) newbie will have heard about it, right? CSS positioning—absolute this and relative that. Perhaps you have some vague idea about what it is, but are afraid to try it yourself.

An element with position:absolute is removed from the document flow, which means the rest of the document acts as if the element weren’t there. It won’t affect subsequent elements. Instead, it could end up layered over other elements, unless we make sure it doesn’t. Let’s shed some light on the shadowy mysteries of CSS positioning. If your CSS skills are limited or even moderate, you will learn what you need to master positioning—it’s not difficult, once you understand the fundamental ideas behind the concept.

Web Design 101: Positioning

TOP 30 WordPress Plugins

TOP 30 WordPress Plugins in Blogosphere

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creating a CSS layout from scratch

Creating a CSS layout from scracth


I am completely gaga over goodwidgets.

code-sucks.com | css layouts

Free CSS layouts at code-sucks.com

satellite 1.0


YAY for Satellite: It’s an online application for displaying a gallery of images remotely from your flickr.com account. It can be used as an off the shelf website that uses the Flickr API to make calls to your Flickr account so you can take full advantage of Flickr’s Organizr and keyword capabilities which are then mirrored on your personal site. When you upload images to Flickr, your website is automatically updated! Satellite™ is CSS based, so you may customize its look and feel by downloading themes or creating your own.

Thank you Ted Forbes!

satellite 1.0

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tools for blogger

Free Essential Tools for Blogger



XHTML Character Entity Reference

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ThickBox 2.0


ThickBox is a webpage UI dialog widget written in JavaScript on top of the jQuery library. Its function is to show a single image, multiple images, inline content, iframed content, or content served through AJAX in a hybrid modal.

WOW! This is great! Reminds me of Lightbox JS. Great find BB!


Logo_launchDiigo is about “Social Annotation”~ the best way to collect, share and interact on online information from anywhere:

Highlight, Clip and Sticky-Note for any webpage
just as you would on paper –> write on any webpage!
make them private or public –> interact on any webpage!

Share your online findings with your friends and colleagues
complete with highlights and sticky notes
as lists, as blogs, as albums, as feeds, or via email

Diigo makes it easy to:
collect and compile your research findings
provide feedback on web design Example
make wishlists Example
plan vacations Example
comparison shopping Example

box over tooltips

BoxOver uses javascript to show tooltips on a website.

– Optimised for lowest CPU usage with lightning response times
– Tested in all major browsers
– Easy to set up with only a basic knowledge of HTML
– Open source

Go here to see examples

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CSS support in email

A Guide to CSS Support in Email

dhtml scripts


A library of DHTML scripts.

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layout gala


Alessandro Fulciniti offers free CSS layouts on his site. All layouts use valid markup and CSS, and have been tested successfully on Internet Explorer/win 5.0, 5.5, 6 and beta 2 preview of version 7; Opera 8.5, Firefox 1.5 and Safari 2.

Layout Gala

You can download his entire collection, 40 HTML pages in a single zip file.

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Quite simply put, CSSEdit will save your sanity when editing style sheets. Its intuitive approach to style sheets and powerful editing features will make you deliver beautiful standards-based sites in no time!

CSS Edit


WufooWufoo is a web-based tool to help you build and host online forms. In only a few short minutes, you can create a mailing list, a marketing survey or even a complete customer management system.

Try the wufoo interface demo.

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Open Source Web Design is a community of designers and site owners sharing free web design templates as well as web design information. Helping to make the internet a prettier place! Open Source Webdesign Templates

This one’s a nice one.

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A tutorial that goes step by step through the process of implementing a real-world web design into a working template using CSS for layout: CSS Layout Tutorial for beginners

Also, another basic tutorial: CSS Basics.com

This CSS layout generator made me look: Handy CSS layout generator for web developers

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tutorial | flash site

The Complete Tutorial on How to Build a 100% Flash Site

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hiding email addresses

Here are several ways to keep your email address in your website hidden from spambots.

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test your typing skills

TyperA – test your typing skills

My score:
194 keys per minute ~ 38 words per minute
Ranking: Not bad!