Classic Square Alarm Clock

In order to not grab the phone first thing in the morning and getting sucked into the social media channels, it would make sense to leave the phone outside the bedroom. So, what alarm clock to get? This classic square one designed by Dieter Rams is a strong contender.

Confetti Pom Pom Earrings

These Confetti Pom Pom Earrings make me happy.


I am loving this modern take on a salt cellar, called Salty.

Who Am I?

I am intrigued by this guided journal with psychological exercises to develop self-understanding. Who Am I, by School of Life.

Material Dock

Wow, now this is a stylish way to charge your Apple devices. Well done, studio neat.

Color Wheel Socks

These Color Wheel Socks make me so very happy.

First Earth Selfie

Love this Slow Factory scarf featuring the first color image of the whole Earth from 1967. The image was taken with a black an white TV camera which took three photos with a red, green and a blue filter to create the color image. The small ball in front of the picture is a colour match card.

Astronaut Light

This Astronaut Light made me laugh.

Molecube Brain Teaser Puzzle

I love this new take on the rubik’s cube. I want to play with it.

Nomos Metro Power Reserve Mechanical Watch

This watch stopped me in my tracks. What a beauty.

Tea Towels

These are some beautiful tea towels. Wishlisted!

The Solid Brass Tinder Box

This Brass Tinder Box is a beauty. Wouldn’t mind using it for my jewelry.

The Coat Canvas Tote

A simple, beautiful canvas tote.

You Are Great

Love this embroidery piece by Jojo Giltsoff. She has an Etsy store. And now can’t stop thinking about what custom piece I want.

Listen To Your Heart

I can’t wait until Secret Holiday has this banner back in stock. Definitely a message I wish I would have had hanging in my house a few years ago. And now.

Paul Ferney

Completely in love with Paul Ferney’s paintings.

Rozenn Le Gall’s Collages

I just gasped seeing these collages by Rozenn Le Gall. Absolutely stunning.

Pleated Eco-Bag

Love these simple, Japanese Pleated Eco-Bags.

Reflection Cards

Holstee’s Reflection Cards look like a sure way to have a meaningful conversation. Want!

Perforated Message Boards

I love these simple, perforated message boards. I want to put them all over my apartment.

Paper Bag Backpack

Love this convertible, paper bag inspired Tote/Backpack designed by my friend Dave Ortiz for TIMBUK2. It’s two bags in one – exterior tote coupled with an interior drawcord backpack. Smart.

Swedish Spring Poster

I am in love with this Swedish Spring Poster, illustrated by designer Lotta Olsson.

Palmistry Hand Art Print

Love this Palmistry Hand Art Print.


Ubarre is the first workout weight I would actually get for my home as it looks like a beautiful, decorative sculptural object.