Doodle Placemat

I can’t get over how cool this Doodle Placemat is! WOW! Wishlisted!

(Would go great with James Victore’s Doodle Tattly!)

Frank Moth Prints

One of my favorite Instagram accounts is by Frank Moth. I just stumbled upon his iCanvas store. I’d totally hang these in my home.

Bear Shaped Cotton Throw

I love you, Bear Shaped Cotton Throw.

Stockholm Lover

Hell there, Stockholm Lover, you would look beautiful in my home. I shall wishlist you.


While perusing small shops in Saugerties, upstate NY today, I discovered this Forestbound ESCAPE bag. I gifted it to myself. As I was looking them up once I got home, I saw that you can get your own customized bag. What a fun gift.

(As a trained graphic designer I admit the shape of the P is killing me.)

Indoor / Outdoor Planters

Loving these indoor/outdoor planters.

Klein Leather Tool Tote Bag

Loving the design of this Klein Leather Tool Tote Bag. In my 16 years of blogging, I am pretty sure this is the first time I posted a tool bag. Ha!

Rove Side Table

Hello there, Rove Side Table, by Kenyon Yeh. You beautiful! (Also comes in white)

Cloud Pillow

Why are you sold out, you beautiful Oeuf Cloud Pillow?

Kiondo Market Basket

Ah, you beautiful Kiondo Market Basket, come into my life.

Minimalist Toilet Paper Stand

Gah, this is a stunning, minimalist toilet paper stand.

Mercado Floor Baskets


I Love You, Stripe-y Socks!

I usually stick to black socks, but that might change now. I am into the Pantomime Crew.


DIY Screen Printing Kit

Love this DIY Screen Printing Kit. What a fun gift!

Minimalist Glow Candlelight

Oh, this is an elegant design of an LED ‘candle’. (I wish they showed it when not on!)

Shitaku Lemon Squeezer

This simple porcelain lemon juicer was made in Hasami, a small town in Nagasaki Prefecture, known as the birthplace of fine Japanese ceramics. So simple. So beautiful.

Super Soft Bolster Pillow

This Super Soft Bolster Pillow looks lovely. Wishlisted!

Rialto Storage Bench

Hello there Rialto, storage bench of my dreams. Please come into my life.

Rainbow Roller Skates

Be still my heart!

Praise Shadows

My friend Yng just recently opened an Art Gallery and Art Shop in Boston and I am thrilled for her!

I love the name of her company, Praise Shadows, which was apparently inspired by this book by Junichiro Tanizaki.

Today I was just perusing her online shop and yep, I am totally getting one of these baseball hats.

Good luck Yng. I am so excited for this new chapter in your life!

Gloves / Arm Warmers

These. Are. Cool.

Stylish Fireplace Accessories by Eldvram

How stunning are these modern Fire Place Accessories by Eldvram?

Kate Watkins – Take Shelter

This print titled Take Shelter by Kate Watkins would look good in my home.

Butter Ornament

OMG! I want a tree entirely covered in these Butter Ornaments.

(I love Butter. So much, I have an oil painting of a stick of butter in my home!)