Modern Mountain House in Poland

This modern mountain house by Kropka Studio in Poland made me gasp.

This is One Smart Cutting Board

I love this cutting board, or Schneidebrett as the Germans call it. It comes with a “drawer” for your sliced and diced veggies.

The Earth Puzzle

Oh, I love this circular Earth Puzzle.


I have fallen in love with Blacksaw Blankets. Check their brand video to learn more about this lovely Canada based company.

Plant Propagation Vessel

I am in love with these Plant Propagation Vessels. They would look so good in my apartment. Wishlisted!

Mifuko Bags

OMG! I just got completely lost looking at these handmade, fair trade bags called Mifuko. Wishlisted!


Caraway Cookware Set

I discovered this beautifully designed ceramic pot set somewhere on the internet today. Consider me intrigued. These pots come in lovely colors and are made with naturally smooth ceramic, not toxic Teflon. Want!

This Bedroom

Entire Brooklyn must have heard me gasp just now. This bedroom is E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G-! (I assume this is just a rendering?)

Update: Thanks to Christopher I now know that this bedroom is REAL! GAH!

Paper Clay Air-Humidifier

Paper Clay’ is an eco-friendly air-humidifier that does not require any electricity or energy source to function, but uses instead the physics principles of capillary action and evaporation. Designed by Maxime Louis-Courcier. Want!

Obu Jewelry Stand

Wow. Now that’s a Sculptural Jewelry Stand I can get behind.

Max Bill Chronoscope Watch

The Max Bill Chronoscope Watch makes my heart beat faster.

Modern Wool Scarf

Yes to this modern Wool Scarf by See Design. Wishlisted!

A Beautiful Fire Extinguisher

A Japanese company that has been making firefighting equipment for almost 130 years, designed a minimal set of fire extinguishers to encourage people to keep one in their home. Love. Love. Love.

Embroidered Beanie

Lingua Franca just launched Embroidered 100% Cashmere Beanies. Love these so much. If you’re not familiar with Lingua Franca, check out the sweaters. That’s how it all started. So good, right?

Modern Manners

YES! The School of Life Guide to Modern Manners!

Shizuka Tatsuno Water Carafes

Absolutely stunning: Shizuka Tatsuno Water Carafe.

Touchy Feely Pillow

This pillow makes me swoon. Here’s a whole bunch on a sofa. FUN!

Canvas Market Tote by Baggu

Oh yes, this Canvas Market Tote by Baggu is beautiful.


This BOSS Necklace by Automic Gold made me chuckle. I bought a super delicate chain ring from them this weekend and LOVE it. I also am really intrigued by their tagline “radically inclusive jewelry”, founded by a genderqueer NYC couple.

Moon Puzzle

Completely in love with this Moon Puzzle.

Umbrella Hat

How are Umbrella Hats a thing? Is it weird that I want one? Who am I? Haaaaalp!

(It gets even weirder. Check this one out!)

Rocket Coffee Maker

My kids and I are currently house swapping with a Swiss family. We have been doing so for years, every summer. What I love most about it is that I get to dip into someone else’s life and the products they use and love. The family we are currently swapping with owns a Rocket Coffee Maker and it makes me want to change the locks and never leave. I get the sense it’s the Porsche of Coffee Makers. I admit, it makes my heart sing every morning when I get up. Check out this beauty. The coffee is A+!

(We are not using a service to find a family to swap houses with. We are going through friends and family. But I heard many good things of Check them out!)

Snorkeling Mask

I am currently in Switzerland with my kids and keep seeing these snorkeling masks everywhere. What an intriguing design! Are they fun to use? Comfortable? Anyone tried one of these?


Isometric Notebook

This isometric notebook is beautifully trippy.