solar battery charger


PowerFilm Foldable Solar Battery Charger: This weatherproof solar charger was created for the military and is now available to the public. It is small and portable and cranks out enough power to charge all your gear. More specs.

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Sundancesolar_1880_367751I also love the Solio Portable Solar Charger for iPod or Cellphone. The high-efficiency solar panels fold out like a flower, just set in the sun to charge it up. It also charges with the included 115V AC adapter. Incredibly easy to use, simply fill up in the sun or with the AC adapter, connect to your device, push a button and you’re charging! The built-in lithium ion battery holds the energy until you want to charge your device. LED indicator lets you know how much energy is stored in your Solio® and tells you it’s charging.

More specs.

Oh G, I think you’re going to love these. No?