google sms

… When I’m on the road or out of my house, and want to find the phone number to a restaurant, movie times, or the Oakland A’s score I use my cell phone to ask Google (# is 46645). I even used it in a class to find the capital of Bhutan (Thimphu) and win a prize. My cell phone company charges me to send and receive text messages, but this is WELL worth the 20 cents to me. It answers back quickly (sometimes almost immediately after you send it, but usually within a minute or two), and accurately. You can convert currency, get directions, translate words, get weather forecasts, get word definitions. Without having to talk to anyone. A lost or confused introvert’s best friend. — Matt Salazar

The steps (given by Google):
1. Start a new text message and type in your search query
2. Send the message to the number “46645” (GOOGL)
3. You’ll receive text message(s) with results

Try it out here:

(via cooltools)