remote controlled dragon fly

Rcdrag_alt2When it comes to RC stuff you just can’t stop these eggheads inventing new and crazy stuff for us to play with. The Dragonfly is the first indoor/outdoor fully functional, flapping, flying machine. It looks a tad insane and just a little bit scary (but then so do dragonflies come to think of it) and flies about like a crazed insect. It’s a major technological breakthrough to develop an RC flying machine that actually flies like a winged insect, and how they managed it is beyond us. Thanks to its lightweight construction, durable carbon-fibre structure and flexible wings, it can stand-up to crashes and rough landings. They have however installed a dual-mode control, so you can choose between Beginner mode and Professional mode, which will give you a helping hand to get the best out of your Dragonfly. It charges up from the base unit, so you’re not a slave to the mains and can juice it up for a flight wherever you are. Enormous flying insects aren’t normally something to leap around in glee about, but the RC Dragon Fly really is quite something – and isn’t going to bother you on long, hot, summer evenings.

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