The World’s Largest Global Dinner Party

My friends behind the Feast Conference are cooking up something big: The World’s Largest Global Dinner Party.

They’re inviting innovators and instigators everywhere, doers and entrepreneurs of all ages to host a literal Feast of their own for six or more friends at 7pm local time on October 5, 2012. (That’s the final day of The Feast Conference.)

The goal is simple: By the end of dinner, collectively decide on one thing you all can collaborate on to improve the world (whether it’s renovating the park or supporting an effort to redefine an industry!)

Now here’s the kicker. Akin to the original World’s Fair, they want to then host a giant public pavilion in NYC the very next day (October 6) to cap off this roaming dinner. Kids, families, and anyone from the creative community will be able to explore your ideas, enjoy food, music, performance, and get inspired by some of today’s most amazing innovations.

Dream big. Execute Small: The World’s Fare

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  1. Collaboration is always good — this takes it to the next level, doing good. Love that.

  2. Love this. I think I might need to host a dinner.

  3. Nice use of Lost Type Co fonts :)