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A big thank you to FontFont for sponsoring this week’s RSS Feed.

FontFont is driven by their love for type and typography and their library is home to many of the world’s most popular fonts like FF DIN, FF Meta, FF Dax, FF Scala, FF Kievit and FF Tisa.

One of the newest additions to the library is Travis Kochel’s FF Chartwell a fantastic typeface for creating simple graphs. Driven by the frustration of creating graphs within design applications (primarily Adobe Creative Suite) and inspired by typefaces such as FF Beowolf and FF PicLig, Travis saw an opportunity to take advantage of OpenType technology to simplify the process.

Using OpenType features, simple strings of numbers are automatically transformed into charts. The visualized data remains editable, allowing for hassle-free updates and styling. FF Chartwell for desktop was released back in May and since then they have been working hard to come up with a version suitable for the web. FF Chartwell Web will be released in mid-September, follow FontFont on twitter for updates.

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