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We’ve covered breakout artists in every imaginable discipline, done some long-form and short-form interviews, articles and videos, and had fun in the process.

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  1. message for the Slated team:

    if you want feedback, why don’t you make it super easy to provide it? Put your email up top, or put up a poll we can fill out.

    here are my two cents:
    I couldn’t actually figure out what your site is about. why not a theme phrase? like “breakout interviews of breakout artists” or anything else that you find catchy.
    also, italics everywhere = :(
    can we have theme colours? the eyes need a “guide” and a signature theme or colour scheme helps that… I get a bit lost on the page.

    how about categories by theme rather than names? I’ve never heard of the names so I am not enticed to click on, but if you had themes like “indie rock” for music, and “post-modern scandinavian design” under design then I wouldn’t stop clicking. categorise interviews by ‘animator’// ‘writer” etc….

    you want to put more UX thinking into this… as a user, what are you looking for? as a user, I want a) cool new tunes in a genre I like, b) beautiful images to “consume” and c) EASY scrolling/clicking.