♥ / PNCA’s MFA in Collaborative Design

Thank you Pacific Northwest College of Art for sponsoring my RSS Feed this week.

PNCA’s MFA in Collaborative Design in Portland, Oregon is a 60-credit, two year program that fosters collaborative, experimental and interdisciplinary approaches to problem solving. Using design thinking and methodologies, students cultivate an entrepreneurial and critical approach to meaningfully address the emerging challenges of the 21st century. You’ll transform the way you think, the way you design, the way you work.

We’re looking for emerging designers, entrepreneurs, activists and team members who want to take their understanding and skills to a new level. Students come from backgrounds in art and design, liberal arts, science, policy, technology, engineering, journalism and business, with a wide variety of life experience. Applicants are passionate about making a significant impact in the world. We’re passionate about enabling change-makers. Applications are being considered for the 2015-2016 cohort.

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