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Big thanks to Behomm for supporting my blog and RSS Feed.

@SwissMiss: “How often do you come across a website that makes you jump out of your seat of excitement? I just did: Behomm is a house swap website for
designers and visual artists only. The homes featured on the site are stunning, absolutely breathtaking. I am a big believer in house swaps, we do it every year with ‘friends of friends’ in Switzerland. You know: I stay at your house while you stay at my house.”

@NewYorkTimes: “Trading Places, in Style. Behomm allows its members to trade properties, simultaneously or at different times. No money changes hands, unlike with Airbnb.”

Behomm is a travel revolution for creatives. A fast growing community. We already are more than 1700 members from Bali to New York. Travel for free staying in tasteful homes of like-minded people. For security reasons we’re a by invitation-only community, we avoid anonymous registrations.

Apply for an invitation and try Behomm for free at Behomm.com

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