♥ / Are You Caught In The Hourly Trap?

Big thanks Jonathan Stark for sponsoring my blog and RSS feed this week.

Has a client ever:

– Refused to send your last payment?
– Failed to provide you with timely feedback?
– Asked you to explain why something “took so long”?
– Demand that you endlessly change something that they specifically requested?
– Micromanaged, second-guessed, or generally disrespected your expertise?

Jonathan Stak has news for you:

Your clients aren’t the problem. The problem is that you bill for your work by the hour.

Your work is more valuable than your clients know, because you encourage them to focus on your time instead of your results. Measuring your work in hours worked is just as absurd as measuring it in pixels displayed, lines of code written, or cups of coffee consumed.

Jonathan considers it his mission in life to rid the earth of hourly billing and has published a book of essays on this subject. It is his sincere hope that it will help you convince your colleagues, your clients, and maybe even yourself that hourly billing is nuts (use coupon code SWISSMISS at checkout for 30% off).