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A big thank you Codecademy for sponsoring my blog and RSS Feed this week.

Are you working with or exploring the design field? Trying to figure out why your website just isn’t converting customers? Want to build layouts without spending hours learning prototyping tools? It’s time to learn web design.

Codecademy’s new Pro Intensive, Build Website UIs, gives you the knowledge you need to move visitors through your site, down your page and deeper into your funnel. In just 8 weeks, you’ll:

– Sharpen your existing knowledge of accessibility, typography, image, layout, navigation and more, making your websites more navigable and intuitive.

– Learn to interpret website analytics, create user personas, and conduct in-depth analysis to understand your users.

– Develop a code-first approach to design, building your fundamental knowledge of HTML and CSS before gaining advanced skills such as CSS Grid.

Unlike other visual user interface design courses, our code-first approach teaches enough programming to put your design ideas into code — fast. Reserve your seat in our next cohort of Build Website UIs. It starts on August 27th.

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