♥ / Create World-Class User Experiences with UX Design

A big thank you to Parsons at Open Campus for sponsoring my blog this week.

This fall, broaden your skill set and learn more about the rapidly expanding field of user experience design. With the new User-Centered Design (UX/UI) Certificate offered by Parsons at Open Campus, you can learn to increase users’ satisfaction and encourage interaction with systems, services, or products by drawing on user research and human-centered design. In this five-course online program, you will:

– Learn about the iterative design process in which designers and stakeholders focus on user needs

– Gain an understanding of the design cycle, the user journey, persona development, analysis, affinity mapping, and user flow

– Prototype software products (apps or websites), services, or physical products

– Set up Web analytics, conduct A/B testing, delegate remote testing, and validate and improve your designs with feedback

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