♥ / Grow Your Brand’s Relevance in the Digital Age

A big thank you to Parsons at Open Campus for sponsoring my blog this week.

Gaining awareness and engaging with your audience in a captivating, authentic way is essential for the growth of your brand. But with so much content everywhere, how do you cut through the noise to ensure your message is heard?

Learn the techniques, tools, and strategic insights for differentiating and promoting your business with the Digital Marketing Certificate offered through Open Campus at The New School. In this series of five online courses, you will:

– Work with faculty and peers in five courses that will help you plan for and develop a real digital marketing campaign and strategy
– Explore the evolution of digital marketing and the way elements such as strategy, channels, and platforms interconnect
– Learn how to apply a value proposition, identify and analyze brand attributes, and conduct a SWOT analysis for a brand, product, or service of your choosing
– Tap into the enormous potential of social media to elevate your brand and business
– Explore the roles of digital, mobile, and native marketing and the way they all come together to form a campaign
– Examine the progression of a marketing plan, from brief to channel selection to projection of ROI, and apply this expertise to your brand and business

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